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Day 1


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It is an exciting day today! Today is my FIRST day on the Whole30!! Wahoo! I am so excited. I have prepped (mentally and physically) and am ready to see the NSVs!


As a 27 year old, 5' 10'' female whom just 2 short years ago was running 1/2 marathons, working out daily, and weighing 165 lbs (which is an ideal body weight for my height/build)... I was feeling good..... physically that is. Sadly, emotionally was a different story. In the last 2 years, my husband and I have been through some serious stress. We've been married 5 years and have no children, but almost seperated about 2 years ago. Our relationship had hit rock bottom and I wasn't sure we'd make it.


Drum roll please....My marriage has been the major success story in my life in the last year! Wow, have things changed! After counseling and lots of self-reflection and change, I am loving life with him and we are growing together in a positive way, which is so exciting! With this new place in our marriage, we have been going through the "comfort" stage where we eat and enjoy life, not taking into consideration our diet. I had cut back at the gym so that we could spend more time together and now I am not working out at all :(. This comfort stage has accounted for a 20lb weight gain, lots of breakouts, and major headaches. But, I'm ready to change all those things.


Now that my husband and I are in a good place, and get this.... getting ready to have children! (....yay! who would've thought!) I am ready to get back to a healthy place physically to match my new found emotional/mental positivity.

Day one so far has been smooth, but I know that this is the "honeymoon" phase of my journey. Any AND all encouragement is welcomed and I am excited to share more as I continue! :)

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How are your headaches coming along? I have sinus pressure headaches a lot...and strained tired feeling muscles behind my eyes. The eye doc and ENT doc have both given me a clean bill of health on both those accounts, so I am concluding that it is the evil inflammation. I am on Day 7 of my 2nd W30 (I was going to just continue for 60 days, but I took a week off because of my birthday and work craziness in between my first and second W30). 


I can say my body pain seems to have lessened, and maybe the severity of the headaches, but I am still getting some sort of headache every day. I know my neck is out of alignment (I have had SEVERAL accounts of whiplash from accidents) and am seeing a specialized chiropractor for that. My alignment is improving, but it seems to be one of those 2 steps forward 1 step (or more) back situations. On top of that, I fear weight training because I don't want to trigger more pain in my body and head. :( GRR... 


Since I just decided to try and rain on your parade...I want to say FANTASTIC news for you and your hubby. Not many couples put in the work they need to to make things work. Kudos to you guys!

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