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Raincamepouringdown's 1st whole 30 log


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Today was day 1. And boy was I hungry. I'm definitely going to need to play with the portions and the different items (more fat!), to really get this right. Here is how it went: 


Pre-WO: I had a small bit of almond butter and some chicken. 

Post-WO: I think this is where I went wrong. I totally skipped my post WO meal, thinking I could just add some extra protein for M1. 

M1: Fritatta, I think it probably equaled three to four eggs, with veggies in it. I had cucumbers with olive oil, which for some reason were nauseating and I couldn't finish. I also had the rest of the chicken I had eaten pre WO. 

I had a chomp stick between M1 and M2, because I was starving. 

M2: Chicken, broccoli with ghee, an apple. 

Again, a chomp stick because I was starving between M2 and M3, which would happen at home. When I got home I immediately started cooking dinner, but I was so hungry I had a small handful of pistachios. 

M3: Steak, 2 fried eggs, roasted potatoes with ghee, spinach with balsamic vinegar. 


I am pretty full now, so I'm going to take an epsom salt bath and head to bed before I notice my hunger again. Tomorrow, before my run I will probably eat the same thing, then make sure to get in some immediate protein and a sweet potato right after I run before M1. I am excited to see the changes, and hoping I can figure out how much food I need sooner rather than later. 

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Alright day 2! It happened, and I'm still here. 


I think I did a lot better today with getting enough fat and protein to not feel hungry. My meals looked like this: 


Pre-WO: Chicken, almond butter

Post-WO: Chicken, small chunk of sweet potato with salt 

M1: Maybe this was too big, but it really got me through to M2: small piece of steak, 4 eggs fried in ghee, carrots

M2: spinach base for a salad with chicken, avocado, carrots, and homemade balsamic vinagarette (which was actually just EVOO and balsamic vinegar) 

M3: I am so proud of this one! Spinach with balsamic for the side, then sweet potato "bun" sliders with homemade mayo, pickles, and grassfed angus beef. 


I made mayo??? WHO AM I? If nothing else comes out of this (which I doubt will happen) I'm just going to be impressed with my creativity with my food. 


I am debating having a few pistachios and a banana because I still feel a bit hungry, but trying to let my M3 settle first. Then its an epsom salt bath and off to bed. 


I didn't have a sugar headache yet, so I'm hoping that isn't happening tomorrow. There was cake in the work kitchen today and while I looked at it for a second while I filled my water bottle up, I reminded myself how important the whole 30 is for my health and happiness, and I knew it wasn't worth it. 

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Day 3 in the bag! I'm 1/10th of the way there. Feels good. What doesn't feel good is my head. That hurts. Trying to patiently wait for this to pass. Drinking water water water, and taking an epsom salt bath every night (not a new habit for me, but one I'm glad is very much whole 30 approved). 


Here is what I ate today: 


Pre-workout: Teaspoon of almond butter

Post-WO: I skipped. Bad, I know, but I ate M1 within 20 minutes. 

M1: 3 eggs fried in ghee, grass fed angus beef sliders, carrots and some sweet potato. 

M2: Chicken salad (chicken, homemade mayo, celery, boiled eggs) on a bed of spinach, banana. 

M3: Chicken thighs, zucchini fritter (I had made 3 but was unimpressed so I didn't finish..should try to find a recipe rather than making up my own!), sweet potato medallions fried in ghee, and a banana. 


NO SNACKS TODAY! So proud of myself. I don't THINK I used the bananas as a crutch, my CSA gets delivered tonight, so I was running a bit low on veggies. I did pick up some cans of organic sweet potato so I always have something on hand. Hoping I'll wake up without a headache tomorrow. Nervous for how the weekend will go. It will either go amazingly and I'll do some major food prep for next week, or I'll ruin everything and have to start over. I have high hopes though, 3 days without any kind of sweet treat is a record for me. 

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Day 4...what do I have to say about day 4. I am angry today. I thought it wouldn't happen but I'm angry. Not really with anyone in particular, but annoyed just in general. Meals went well though, no snacks! Here is what I ate: 


Fridays are a rest day so no pre or post WO. 


M1: Same as yesterday, grassfed angus beef patty, 3 fried eggs in ghee, carrots, sweet potato. 

M2: homemade chicken salad in lettuce leaves with pecans sprinkled on top, apple. 

M3: I made the shepards pie from the whole 30 book! Its actually still in the oven, but I am SO excited to try it. 


I can't say I feel deprived of food, or hungry, or anything so far. I am doing ok. 

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Day 5. The first day that has been a struggle. I think it was a combination of where I'm at in the program, and it being Saturday. My long run this morning was a total failure. I am looking forward to my body officially switching over to fat burning, so I can get back to normal. Here is what I ate: 


Pre-WO: Chomp stick, almond butter

Post-WO: left over shepherds pie

M1: 2 eggs, chicken thigh, summer squash

M2: "taco" salad: lettuce, ground beef with spices, guacamole, and salsa

M3: First time I've had to rely on emergency food. We were out and about and it'd be 6 hours since I ate, and no getting home anytime soon. I had two chomps sticks and a larabar. I know those weren't the best choices, but in the situation they were what worked. I'm going to work harder to avoid this situation. 


Ready for day 6, I picked up ingredients for a pot roast tomorrow, and I"m roasting a whole chicken later this week. Feeling good, waiting to feel great!

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Day 6. The most trying day so far. I am tired, my boyfriend ate mac and cheese in front of me, and every other commercial on tv is for nutella. Here is what I ate: 


M1: taco ground beef, salsa, guacamole 

M2: a wonderful salad with bibb lettuce, apples, radishes, pecans, avocado, lemon juice, and olive oil. I'm going to have it again tomorrow for lunch. 

M3: Pot roast! Yum, I have a wonderful sirloin tip roast, carrots, and potatoes in my crockpot just about ready to eat.  


I'm definitely not hungry. Just having a few cravings...pasta, sweet stuff, etc. 

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Forgot to log yesterday. Day 7 was a breeze. I went to morning yoga and it was amazing and joyful and my body felt great. I did not eat pre or post WO, because I don't find yoga to be very intense. Here is what I did eat: 


M1: Steak, summer squash, eggs. 

Snack: (BAD) lara bar and chomp stick. I probably should have had pre and post WO meals to prevent this. 

M2: Same salad as Day 6. 

M3: Stirfry with chicken, broccoli, and red peppers. Coconut aminos are SO tasty! 


I feel like it was a pretty successful day. I'm starting to sleep better, and feel like my energy is more even. 

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Apparently I'm logging in the morning now! Yesterday was kind of a mess between M1 and M3, but I got through: 


M1: Eggs, steak, summer squash

M2: was supposed to be pot roast, there was a party in the work kitchen I couldn't use the microwave and couldn't eat the work provided food so I ended up eating two chomp sticks and a larabar. :\

M3: I roasted a freaking chicken! Look at me go. So I had the chicken, greenbeans, and carrots. 


Every night is the same routine, epsom salt and off to bed early. I sleep like a baby these last few nights, but I wake up SO EARLY. I was up at 3:30 today! Its been good for my productivity. and I'm guessing my body is signaling to me that I'm well nourished and rested and don't need the 10 hours of sleep I always thought I did. 

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I have not fallen off the wagon, but I've been forgetting to update my log here. I am focused and energized. I am sleeping so well. Today is day 12, and I'm definitely starting to see the results. The focus and energy is amazing. I slept in the latest I have since starting today (6:30 am), and woke up ate my meal 1 and went to the grocery store. After shopping I came home and cleaned the house and did all of the laundry. Then I blanched some green beans so I could freeze them before they went bad. I chopped up the veggies and things that will top my M2 salad. I feel so focused, I am almost bored. Not sure what to do with all of this energy. 


I am really looking forward to tomorrow's long run. My runs this week were definitely getting better. 

I also found almond butter at the grocery store that the only ingredient is almonds. I am trying not to rely on nuts, but it will be a nice addition to some of the items I've been eating. I am not tired of the program yet. My boyfriend came home with gummy bears last night, my former favorite candy, and I didn't even want them. I almost feel like I'm on whole 30 autopilot. I also ordered the whole 30 pack from tessemae's. I am excited to add some new flavors to my menu, while maintaining the whole 30. I'm pretty sure I'll be eating this way for a very long time.

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