I fell off the wagon and need a hand back up...


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I successfully finished my first whole30 in June.  Following my completion, I never did proper reintroductions. Life kind of took over and I put making good food choices on the back burner. I have no excuses. I felt so good while doing the whole30 and had wonderful results, but I fell and fell damn hard. The further I get from my completion date, the harder it seems to get focused back on making good food choices. My whole30 book, paleo cookbooks & blogs that I was so active in reading and following throughout my whole30 have been slowly gathering dust. 


Once or twice since my completion date, I've returned to these forums, hoping to get inspired by the excitement and passion I found here during my whole30. But, honestly, I have just left overwhelmed. 


I've fallen to the bottom of a deep dark hole and I'm looking up ... the surface seems so far away.


Any tips for someone who's fallen completely off the wagon, knows they need to do another whole30, but is just overwhelmed by the idea?

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Alrighty then.   You need a quick recovery.   Tomorrow morning, forget everything you've just told us.  I won't forget it but you're going to.  digg-in-smiley.gif?1292867582


When your feet hit the floor in the morning, you will run to the kitchen and make yourself a big honking breakfast.  I'm sure you must have compliant items in the house.  Eggs, tuna, some vege.  Something you can have for breakfast.   If you have to make a run for groceries, you'll find the time.   







See that RESET BUTTON in your mind's eye.   Put your hand on it and feel the whirr of your motor start to run.   You're going to get back up and running again.   No looking back.   No looking back.


When you finish this time, you will conduct a proper reintroduction phase and make it slow.   You can deal with that when you get there.   Tomorrow,  you're going BACK TO THE FUTURE.   


SHAKE OFF what you've told us and the stress that you're carrying.   Tomorrow is a new day. 


Give yourself permission to love yourself.  

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If 30 days (90+ meals) is too overwhelming to think about, just eat one Whole30 meal at a time.  Just one.  Tomorrow eat two.  The next day eat three.  Make one good Whole30 choice after the next.  Re-evaluate why you want to do a Whole30 to begin with (your original reasons may not be valid any more or you may have more reasons).


Check this article on why the second time is so much harder. http://whole30.com/2015/02/second-whole30/

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I have done 3 whole 30's. and the 2nd is WAAAYYY harder !!   you have lots of hands here to help you back up-!!  take 1 day at a time.  Get that day under your belt and move onto the next.  Just be prepared... cook on the weekends, no leaving your self in a bind - then there is no excuse why you can't eat a compliant me.


Good luck and can't wait to hear how you do !

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I'm starting a new Whole 30 on sunday. I've done 2 successfully, failed at several after that. This time instead of counting up from 1, I'm thinking I might look at it as starting at 30 and ending at 1... maybe the psychology of a countdown instead of count up will help me. I also love the idea of 1 meal or 1 choice at a time. Thanks everyone and thank you errica for asking this question. Good luck to us! :D

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