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Today is Day 8, so I'm a little behind the logging curve. I came into Whole 30 to hopefully help heal some vague ailments I've been suffering from my whole life - GI issues, fatigue, and moodiness. I'm a night shift ER nurse (7 pm- 7 am), so my sleeping and eating schedule is a bit askew, which has been my biggest challenge so far - trying to find the time to eat every meal and cook and get enough sleep. So far so good, though. This is my first Whole 30, and I'm the first of my friends and coworkers to do it, so I'm setting the bar for everyone. So far, everyone is so impressed with my change in only a week - and I'm feeling great too! (Which is the most important part, anyway, right?)

Today's meals:

M1 - 3 boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, half an avocado, and some blueberries

M2 - Leftover ground turkey with mixed sautee veggies (spinach, mushrooms, peppers, diced tomatoes, and onions)

M3 - Kalua pig (OMG that recipe is AMAZING!) with Tessamae's BBQ sauce, mashed cauliflower, and side salad (lettuce, grape tomatoes, diced peppers, onions and homemade dressing)

I'm not working tonight, so I'm going to attempt to get to sleep at a relatively normal hour.

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Hi, Magcal -- overall, your meals look good, but I wanted to point out that you might find you feel best if you include at least one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables every day (like potato, sweet potato, winter squash (butternut, acorn, spaghetti, kabocha squash are a few varieties), root vegetables (turnip, rutabaga, carrots, beets), pumpkin, plantain, or jicama). There are some people who do okay without them, but most people find they help with mood and energy, and many people report that having them with their last meal of the day helps them sleep. 

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