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Sept 28th - my first Whole30, anyone else in? (from a sugar junkie!)


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I've never done Paleo, never done any very restricted diet before, in fact my current diet is pretty poor - Certifiable sugar junkie  :ph34r:  


I'm starting September 28th as my work circumstances have changed significantly so I'll have time to prepare and cook food, and the book is on route from Amazon 

Is anyone else starting around then? Especially complete novices like me?
Or does anyone have any tips on how to get past the sugar cravings for the first couple of days (/hours/minutes)? 






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Proteins and fats.  STAT.   Those are things that dreams are made of.  Proteins and fats starve the Sugar Dragon.


He is relentless in his quest to drag you down but you'll always have the upper edge if you reach for a protein and a fat.  STAT.


Nuts are not to be used as your primary source of fat.   Use nuts with caution, not by the handfuls but primarily like decorations over your dishes.   Stand back and give them a fling or demi-tasse over your salads and roasted vege. 

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