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2 Days To Finish line!


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I love reading the posts about your successes during this challenge and thought I'd chime in a few days before my 30days is complete.

My son and his girlfriend had started this a week before I did (I was still reading the book) and I had asked him to help me with the cooking part. I work 10 (sometimes 12) hr rotating shifts and it's been difficult for me to prepare healthy meals during the work-week. It sounds crazy but we also don't take scheduled breaks except for lunch/dinner so there have been times I work 6-8 hours before getting to eat a meal. Needless to say, most of us have 'bad' snacks to munch on to tide us over til our lunch break. This has been something I wanted to get away from...reaching for the sugar and salt laden snacks that would take the place of a good clean meal that I know my body needs!

So, I would buy the food and son would cook extra when he prepared his meals and save lunch and dinner stuff for me to just chuck in my bag to take to work. It really took a load off of me since I hate cooking for myself and most days during the week I'm too tired from long days at work to do anything like COOK! Well...the first 2 weeks were wonderful!! I didn't have to think about what I was going to have except for breakfasts and I would take some nuts and raw veggies to snack on IF I needed something. I know we aren't supposed to 'snack' between meals but given my circumstance, there are times that I waited and my stomach was in such pain that I would feel sick til hours later....anyway...my clothes are LOOSE!! I never was tied to the scale to begin with but I DID cheat and look and had lost 5 lbs the first week! I'm not looking any more til this weekend but I know I've lost more. I feel really good, energized and sleep well. Yes I have weight to lose but I never really cared for the fad diets out there and knew that I needed something that was balanced and clean. I know I don't need the grains (I'm from an Italian family that LOVES the pasta!) and I really haven't missed it (surprisingly). I HAVE missed the cheese in some of my foods and will see how I react when reintroducing.

The last 2 weeks have been more difficult only because my son started classes again and his schedule has been hectic and hasn't had time to cook extra for me. So I've been doing more preparing on the weekends (smoked a pork roast last weekend) and have used leftovers to make other meals. My boyfriend spends time with me on the weekends (we live more than an hour apart) and he just told me that since eating with me on the few days we spend together, he's lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks LOL He's NOT doing the challenge and does like his junk food but isn't that typical?? Guys just have it easier in dropping weight fast :-)

Best of all, there has been a weight off my mind about food in general. YES I can eat delicious meals and fuel my mind and body the right way with no guilt. I feel PRIDE that I'm eating right and still satisfying my love of taste. Yes I will continue eating right with a small reintroduction of some things (some dairy and natural sweeteners in cooking) but I no longer have the same views on other things (like M&Ms, Snickers and occasional fast food LOL) I'm almost turned off on the idea of eating something like that again!

Oh and one more thing...I used to have migraines almost once a week and I've only had one minor headache this whole time! And that might have had to do with the fact I was a little dehydrated. Definite plus!

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