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Whole30 completed on Sept 5 - 10 things I learned


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I completed my W30 on Sept 5, 2 days before my birthday just because I really wanted to treat myself to ice cream. 


Here are the 10 biggest things I learned:


1. I completed the W30 program without a hint of a slip up AND I made each and every one of the meals that I ate in that 30 days. I saved quite a bit of money in the restaurant area since I did not eat out at all in 30 days


2. It is very important to utilize the forum and reach out to this great network when you have questions, concerns or just need someone to give you some tough love and support. Without this group of people, this W30 would have been much more difficult.


3. I learned how to cook a lot more foods in a variety of different ways - including fish, which I was terrified to try and cook before - and - I am a pretty good cook. The homemade stuff is much better than the packaged junk too!


4. I love grilled asparagus, zucchini (extra YUM), parsnips & beets. I have become more sensitive to the different tastes each vegetable, meat and fruit has.


5. I can get up a little bit earlier and make myself a good breakfast and I will not be more fatigued throughout the day just because I missed the extra 20 minutes of sleep.


6. I have a much better relationship with food now than I ever did before. I understand that it is to fuel my body (and what quantities and types fuel is best) and not something to dull pain or enhance celebration. I CAN go 4 - 6 hours without eating and not starve!


7. I have eaten out several times now that my W30 is complete (although still trying to be as W30 compliant as possible) and know when I am ordering what to order in terms of protein, fat and veggies AND - I like what I make from scratch much better!


8. I ate vegan ice cream (made with coconut and agave) on my birthday (and had a taste of my hubby's real ice cream), and I don't have a taste for it anymore. Ice cream was the food I missed the most the last 30 days, and now it just didn't taste that great to me. 


9. Salad CAN be consumed without dowsing it in conventional salad dressing


10. Homemade W30 compliant mayo is the BEST! I will never buy Miracle Whip again - yes...the Mayo deserved it's own number it is THAT good.


My skin is clearer and softer. I do have more sustainable and level energy throughout the day. I enjoy eating a lot more b/c I stay satisfied between meals and I am not fighting with my cravings to stay away or cave into something. My hair is shinier. 

I don't know if I have lost any weight as I haven't weighed myself, I feel like my composition has probably changed is some of my clothes do feel loser; however, that was not my main goal for this program. 


My main goal was to help alleviate muscle trigger points and pain as well as clear brain fog and help anxiety. Since I feel like I have more improvement that can be done, I will be continuing on with the W30 program for another 30 days. I would like to see what more improvement I can have with nutritional eating seeing as how I have several decades of semi good and horrible eating to reverse. 




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Hi mfustos.




I read your success story and say DITTO to each of the 10 things you learned.


My husband and I completed our WHOLE 30 yesterday....and will continue as well.  We love the food and like you, I love cooking the food we eat.  This was a fun journey.


Thanks for sharing your success story and may we go from strength to strength!!!!!!

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