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Help! Finished my 3rd W30 and now going on vacation. I need encouragement...


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I just completed my 3rd W30 (within the past year) and I feel great.  I am not doing reintroduction as I have done them on the other W30 (and am fine w all foods) plus I am going on vacation in 3 days.  This is a 5 day sun vacation in Jamaica.  


I've been there before so I know the food will contain some sugar in the jerk, sauces won't be clean, etc and I can handle those for a vacation. This is life and I'm fine with those selections while on vacation.  


I typically stay away from pasta and breads but I may consume a little and will feel ok about it.  I will eat slow and make sure its worth it.


Beer, for me, is addictive on a hot summer day so I won't drink that, but they make me Mojitos without the sugar.  I've done that before and they are refreshing and cool.  I'll be drinking those too (and hopefully not make any poor food choices following that).  


So, I want to know if anyone has any type of encouragement or advice on how to maintain a positive outlook when there so I don't get pulled off course.  I know this is a lifestyle and I do well at it, but this time, I want to go into my vacation knowing I have a couple of good tips in my back pocket to keep me on the right track.  Done it before but this time I need help.


Any comments helpful.  Thanks.... 

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So I would take this as an opportunity to indulge in "clean" foods that you can't get at home.  Jamaica is famous for jerk, sure.  But it's an island nation.  Isn't there fantastic fish?  Tropical -- so tropical fruits you rarely get to indulge in?  The more cool stuff you try, the more "awesome" points you get!


ThyPeace, grilled mango and swordfish?

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... but I may consume a little and will feel ok about it.  I will eat slow and make sure its worth it.




This! No matter what you decide to indulge in first (1) decide it is something you want, (2) decide the effects you may suffer are worth it in this instance (3) eat slowly and savor (4) stop when you are satiated. 


Personally, I also try to eat a template meal first, before including any indulgent items. That way I'm already full and much more able to stop when I'm satisfied.


My very last tip...plan on going back on a strict W7 right after you get back. This one really helps me get back on track rather than carry those newly enjoyed foods over into real life :)  As for now, you're on vacation! Enjoy yourself!

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