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Day 16; food pic and discuss "Daily"


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I can honestly, from the bottom of my heart, say that this fajitas salad was EVERYthing I love about Mexican without cheese, sour cream or grains [tortillas or chips]. I honestly feel my taste buds are singing right now.


Sautéed venison, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, onion, red, orange and yellow peppers in coconut oil. Place on top of a bed of greens with cherry tomatoes, avocado and black olives. Homemade extra hot salsa with extra cilantro. Yum, yum, yum!!!!! 





Inspired by yesterday's Daily, I bought an avocado keeper today from Amazon!  :)



And today's Daily was FANTASTIC at explaining what's going on in my body and that I'm getting healed of MANY things right now without even knowing it:  leaky gut, decreased inflammation, and other issues I'm also dealing with.  LOTS of hope filled words on those DAILY pages!


Lastly, I was encouraged to NOT give up!  Keep pressing on because habits take time to form.  I didn't get in this shape overnight and I'm not going to be healed in 2 weeks.  :D  :D 


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