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My friends are actually 'sugar dragons'


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Started today!

It's taken me ages to get here. I have a lot going on. I'm moving house and shaking my life up a bit ( for the better I am hoping ) I am going to be as strict as I can.


Meal 1 - eggs and tomatoes with bacon. Black coffee

Meal 2 - roasted curly kale handful of nuts and dates. ( this needs to improve )

Meal 3 - stir fry turkey with h/m sauce

Snack - sweet patty cakes - ( needed something grrrrr )

Drinks had dash of milk in 2 cups of tea and a coffee :-( dilute juice x3

It occurs to me that I haven't drank enough today

No exercise today although cleaning and helping to remove and shift furniture and carpet has to account for some movement.

Roll on tomorrow

Happy eating everyone :-)

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Day 2


Mackerel mush

Dried fruit apple tinned pears coconut milk

Ok friend number 1 tried to persuade me to have chocolate, sweets more sweets and cake - then muttered ooo you are being good

Coconut cappuccino at Starbucks - who knew

Mood - good, no die off yet - I know it's coming though


Started c25k week 1 today - it was easy cardio wise - achey wise my body was complaining :-( x

Happy eating everyone - feel free to comment or join in - just jump in where you are? X

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Ok, so when you say you had a dash of milk in your tea & coffee you mean something other than dairy milk, right?

Also, that coconut capuccino in Starbucks - the coconut milk has a couple of off plan ingredients (namely cane sugar, corn dextrin & carrageenan) - sorry!

You really want to eat three meals a day, built to meet the meal template if you want to get optimum results...

Deep breath, regroup & make it work....!!

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You make some very good points and have given me info that I didn't know - thought the Starbucks was too ood to be true. I really need to focus on 3 meals a day.


1- pear bacon tomatoes eggs

Steak chips cabbage cauliflower bbq sauce onions and mushrooms

Made some sweet treats with molasses - realised this wasn't allowed


Biked to the shop

Worked all day today that's gotta be something


Very confused and muddled at times - couldn't Fill in forms at work - grrrrrr

Mutterings/ musings

3 meals

Stay on track

Off to the sea side tomorrow

Happy eating everyone x

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