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Day 40 of 100... I need some help


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ok, so I decided to do a Whole 100. I have done several Whole30's before, but really never learned my lesson, (i.e. went straight back to eating crap and feeling like crap). 


I'm closing in on Day 40 (it may be tomorrow, not too worried about it)... and I feel like I'm reverting. The past two weeks I have felt amazing, slept amazing, and had clear skin. The past couple of days I have noticed my skin seems to have reverted to my teen years and I having problems falling asleep. I don't get it. I haven't veered. The other thing I noticed is while I know I have lost weight, simply because my clothes are fitting better, my stomach seems to be holding on to some weight. (My pants are baggy everywhere else, but snug in the stomach). 


Does anyone have any insight? I have been eating (either a whole or half) sweet potato daily (I get leg cramps). We eat meat and veggies and not much fruit. Anybody have any suggestions? Is this my body just working through the crud that clogged up my system?


Thank you so much for your help!

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If you could post a few days worth of your typical food/liquid intake, indicating portion sizes, along with sleep/stress/activity levels we'd be better equipped to help you troubleshoot.

Please also include any medical conditions or medications/supplements that you're taking.

By day 40 I'd have thought things would have settled down for you, but that all depends on where you were coming from and any external stressors you may be (or may have been) subject to throughout your 40days....

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Cycle: not for another 3 weeks


Stressors: New job as a school counselor 


Sleep patterns: Last week was 7-8 hours a night, Saturday was sleeping off and on almost all day (allergy meds, I think) Sunday I slept a lot too, MTW had trouble falling asleep



Typical Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 chicken apple sausage, most times a veggie (depends on how late I'm running, typically spinach)

Lunch: jalepeno sausage (compliant), 1/2 sweet potato, plus another veggie

Dinner: Sunday: Bone-in pork chops, sm. sweet potato, broccoli; Monday: Turkey leg with red potato wedges; Tuesday: Salmon, sm. Sweet potato, a veggie Wednesday: Grilled fajita salad


I have noticed when I don't eat sweet potatoes I get severe leg cramps. My BMs have been normal (thankfully slowed down some). I sleep deep, but it's falling asleep that I'm having a problem with. 


When we really meal prep for the week (we are both educators) I measure my husband's meat portions out for him. Don't typically measure my food because I thought that's how W30 rolled.  ;) Any and all suggestions would be awesome. 


Special Note: I have terrible allergies (like 5,000 times more allergic to dust, trees, mold, pollen, etc). Have only had very few allergy issues since starting this. 


Thanks again for all of your help. 

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