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Hi, I have never introduced myself before. 


My name is Lindsey. I live in Texas. I have done a few Whole30's before (maybe 4). Unfortunately I didn't learn a single thing because I ate crap and felt crappy and gained a bunch of weight (About 50 pounds in 6 months<-- Don't judge :)  )


I wanted to start a Whole100 to finally help me kick these nasty habits in the butt, for good. I felt terrible, looked terrible, and was basically miserable. Headaches every day. 


I started on August 2nd, right after a 5 day cruise. As you can imagine, the first week was brutal. I felt a thousand times better the last two weeks, but this week have hit some roadblocks. My skin is no longer clear, I'm not falling asleep as fast. I noticed my nails weren't growing right, my allergies have flared up bad, headaches, etc. I feel like I have started over. Weird, huh. 


I never used the forum in the past, I have just buckled down and did it. I am trying to read forums to help educate myself. I know it works because I wouldn't have done this several times. 


Anyway... I'm happy to be here. 

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