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Caroline's whole30 log


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This is my third day of my first whole30. I tried to start last week and came down with a massive migraine, so I pushed it off a week and used that week to quit diet coke. I feel so much better already.



2 hardboiled eggs, 2/3 avocado, baby carrots

roasted squash, 2 hardboiled eggs, guacamole

roasted chicken thighs, roasted brussel sprouts, applesauce


Day 2:

2 fried eggs, cucumbers, almonds

protein salad with mashed avocado, carrots, chicken thighs, cucumbers on the side

roasted chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, guacomole, 1/2 clementine


Day 3: (so far)

ground turkey breast cooked in ghee, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, onion

ground turkey, guacamole, spinach


Today was the first day I didn't start getting hungry between breakfast and lunch. I'm still not sure if I'm eating enough fats, and I lean heavy on the avocado because I don't really like a lot of the other fats. If my veggies/meat is roasted in oil or ghee, do I also need to add another fat?









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Day 3 dinner: pork chop dredged in egg and almond flour, roasted green beans


Day 4: 

M1: ground turkey, spinach, mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil

M2: leftover pork chop on bed of spinach, quacomole as dressing


I am feeling pretty good, a dull headache at times, but nothing horrible. I've only been drinking water and sparkling water (like Lacroix), and am working on trying to figure out what is thirst or boredom vs. actually being hungry.

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For breakfast I made a paleo casserole with kale, egg, and whole30 compliant bacon. I should have added some extra veggies with it, I think.

For lunch I made a protein salad with chicken breast, guacamole, almond slices, and a few grapes, and had it over a bed of lettuce. I used the guacamole as dressing.

For dinner we had a picnic to attend, and I assumed someone would at least bring a veggie platter. No luck. So while there I only ate a hamburger and a few grapes, and ate a piece of bacon and some pistachios to tide me over tonight. I should have had veggies, but none were prepped and I am feeling lazy.


My urine smelled off tonight, slightly ammonia like. We'll see if that continues. I have noticed I am sleeping much more soundly, and am looking to work exercise back into my life.

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M1: 2 fried eggs with spinach, onions, mushrooms

M2: chicken thigh with spinach, guacomole

M3: brisket from W30 book, roasted sweet potatoes


I am definitely not eating quite enough veggies. Usually only one meal gets about 3 cups, the other meals only get 1 or 2. Goal for the week is to increase veggie intake. I also want to try some of the dressings and move away from only guacamole.

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