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Day 31ish


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My wife and I started the Whole 30 on August 11th.  We had ups and downs, but overall we are NEW PEOPLE!  We've both battled poor eating habits, and the Whole 30 helped us break them for good!


Benefits of the Whole 30:

Feeling great

More energy (haven't desired a nap in weeks!)

Better body composition (had to start wearing a belt last week!)

No allergies (took Allegra for years to combat seasonal allergies; haven't taken it in almost 3 weeks with no complications!)

No pain (I used to take Aleve or Motrin 3+ days a week for body pain and/or headaches; haven’t taken any since starting the Whole 30)

No snoring (my wife is thankful for this one!)

No desires for junk food (this was HUGE - no more cravings for fast food, ice cream, or nachos) 

Feel and LOOK younger (part of that is loosing weight, part is healthier skin)

I haven’t compared body measurements yet, but the scale says I’ve lost 22 lbs!


When we started we thought we’d bring back all food groups that didn’t cause problems for us.  Now we have an entirely new outlook on food.  We’re planning to stick to Whole30 for the most part, and only indulge on special occasions for “worth it” foods.  



Thanks, Whole30, for changing our lives!  We are healthier and happier than we’ve ever been!

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