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Zyrie's Post Whole30 Log and Reintros


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It's Day 31! And I have successfully continued to stay on plan. My re-intro plan is broken out it more items than the basic plan, which appears that it will result in at least 30 more days on pretty strict Whole30 before I relax into riding my own bike.


My plan are the following re-intros in the following order. For each I have defined some of my favorite foods that can fit without including other non-compliant ingredients.


  1. Corn
  2. Rice
  3. Oats
  4. Non-Soy Legumes
  5. Coconut
  6. Soy
  7. Gluten (Wheat, Barley, Rye)
  8. Dairy - Low-Lactose (casein)
  9. Dairy - High-Lactose (whey)
  10. Liquor
  11. Wine


Because I already know that I have digestive issues surrounding my cycle, I have chosen to wait until the likelihood is low that those issues would cause a false impression that my re-intro food is a problem. I keep having to fight with myself on this. I really wanted to re-introduce coconut tonight so I could make a particular dish for a gathering. But it's too soon. I just had my "bad digestion" day yesterday, which might not be all I get... even if it usually is. Can you hear me still talking myself into staying on the plan right now? :)  So, corn begins in a few days.


In the mean time, I am still tracking my days the same as during my Whole30. This way I can also see if there is any convolution with other foods, or so I hope.


My original Whole30 Log

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Day 31


  • Wake: 8:00 am
  • M1: 8:45 am to  - 9:30 am - hot dog (palm), beet greens (handful), black tea
  • M2: 1:20 pm to - chicken (palm and a half+), Avocado tomatillo sauce (closed handful), grilled zucchini (heaping handful)
  • M3: 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm - braised beef (palm and a half), roasted root vegetables (heaping handful and a half), braising broth (half a fist) - fat sources were oils on the veggies and fat in the broth and on the beef
  • Bedward: 10:50 pm  (no tv prior, it was game night)
  • Bed: 11:30 pm
Sleep: 8 hrs - very fitful and full of bad dreams
Water: 22 oz
Exercise: none
Game night at our house. Dinner did not come out the way I wanted it to, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Sorely tempted by wine tonight. Kept thinking "I could have a wine day today and push off my corn re-intor day". But it felt like a cop out, and without purpose. So I just picked up my friend's glass throughout the night and enjoyed the nose instead. A lot of the time it's the nose I like better than the palate anyway.
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Day 32

  • Wake: 8:20 am
  • M1: 8:40 am to  - 9:30 am - scrambled egg (palm), ghee (half a thumb), golden beet with oil and vinegar (heaping handful), black tea
  • M2: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm - braised beef (palm), roasted root vegetables (closed handful), cashew butter (closed handful), bone broth (3/4 fist), pear (quarter fist)
  • M3: baked chicken thigh (palm and a half), avocado tomatillo sauce (closed handful), tomato cucumber salad (heaping handful), balsamic vinaigrette (thumb and a half), jicama (handful)
  • Bedward: 11:30 or midnight
  • Bed: 1am or 2am
Sleep: 8 hrs, despite getting to bed late
Water: 20 oz
Exercise: nope
First day without a Whole30 Daily e-mail. :(  I really looked forward to those.
Ate lunch too late due to a poorly timed (and long) meeting. I also think there wasn't enough fat in breakfast. Eggs are a terrible breakfast for me but I didn't feel like my other two protein options. I can only eat a little bit of egg first thing in the morning, not the 4 that I probably should be eating. Lesson learned, I hope. Maybe egg salad next time instead.
For lunch, I knew I needed to make up some fat so I was going to grab some cashews. Then I remembered that I don't know what oil was used on my cashews and since I'm not done with re-intro I don't want to chance it being soy or something. So I put those back and grabbed a little packet of cashew butter I bought a few weeks ago. I don't traditionally eat nut butters, maybe as part of a sauce but not otherwise. Which is why I bought packets instead of jars. I didn't really know what to do with it so I put it in a tiny bowl and just... ate it with a fork along side my beef and veggies. It was good at any rate, I can see why people find it to be a food with no breaks. I think I'd very much like to try my hand at a "peanut sauce" made with the cashew butter.
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Day 33

Corn Reintro
  • Wa ke: 11:20 am
  • M1: 8:40 am to 9:30 am - scrambled egg (palm), ghee (half a thumb), golden beet with oil and vinegar (heaping handful), black tea
    • ​GI distress right around M1. May/may-not be the corn.
  • M2: 7:00 pm - ground beef, onions, bell pepper, anaheim pepper, tomatoes, black olives, salsa (compliant), corn chips (amounts are really hard to gage), moroccan mint tea
    • No apparent symptoms. Maybe some enhanced cravings but I have been feeling that since the official Whole30 ended, I think it's a mental battle rather than a physiological one.
  • Bedward: 11:30 pm
  • Bed:  12: 30 pm
Sleep: 9 hrs
Water: 36 oz
Exercise: just running around the house and errands
I only managed to get two meals in, par for the course for me on weekends. Which means I didn't get to eat the popcorn I had bought. I went to special effort to get microwave popcorn that was JUST popcorn with nothing on it. Oh well.
I think that I did start my re-intro too soon. I'm concerned the GI trouble I'm having is related to my cycle and not the corn. I should have waited to have a good full good day before starting it. So we'll see, might extend and try corn again in a few days if things settle down.
In the mean time, lower GI not so great. Although it's nice that it's lower and not upper for a change.
Haven't taken post 30 photos yet. Might do that Sunday if D is up for it.
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Day 34


  • Wake: 9:50 am
    • Lower GI distress
  • M1: 10:00 am to 11:00 am - Mexican dish leftovers from last night with an egg on top (portions are difficult, but plenty of protein and not enough veggies in my opinion), topped with avocado tomatillo sauce (closed handful), coffee with clarified butter (quarter thumb)
    • Lower GI distress
  • M2: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - baked apples with clarified butter and cinnamon; lamb stew with white sweet potato, carrot, onion, garlic and home-made bone broth
    • Lower GI, mild
  • Bedward: 9:30 pm
  • Bed: 11:00 pm
Sleep: 8.5 hrs
Water:  ? oz
Exercise: plenty of walking 
Still unsure if my lower GI discomfort is corn related or cycle related. Description matches some people's I guess. But, I dunno. I'm leaning toward cycle and re-doing corn another day.
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Day 36

  • Wake: 7:30 am
    • smoke alarm battery got upset in the middle of the night and had to get up to pull it.
  • M1: 8:05 am to 11:00 am - braised beef (3/4 palm), stewed veggies (garlic, onion, white sweet potato, carrot - handful), broth (handful), black tea
    • lower GI
  • M2: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm - ground beef with peppers and onions (1.5 palms), golden beets with white balsamic and olive oil (heaping hadndful), apples baked with clarified butter and cinnamon (small handful)
    • Lower GI
    • Wave of depression
  • M3: braised beef and stewed veggies (white sweet potato, carrot, onion, garlic) in broth (two heaping handfuls), pear (1/3 of a fist)
  • Bedward:  pm
  • Bed:  pm
Sleep: 8 hrs
Water: 28 oz
The wave of depression today was interesting and odd. One of my co-workers a death in her immediate family this afternoon. I'm thinking that combined with maybe not the right balance of macros today could be the culprit. But I won't rule out the corn I guess.
I didn't realize how hard documenting reactions would be, particularly emotional ones. In the grip of it, the last thing I'm thinking about is eating well or documenting things. I just don't feel good.
Not a solid day, so no re-intro tomorrow. ::le sigh:: this is going to prolong re-intro.
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Day 36 (the real one, that last post should be 35)


  • Wake: 8:30 am
  • M1: 9:00 am to 10:00 am - 2 eggs 
  • M2: 12:50pm to 1:30pm - sardines (palm+), beet green stems (handful), slice of bacon and oil from the sardine can (2 thumbs of fat)
    • Stomach cramps as soon as I sat down to eat. No idea why
  • M3: 8:10pm to 8:40pm - lamb stew (lamb leg, white sweet potato, onion, carrot, garlic, celery, broth - two handfuls)
  • Bedward: 10:30 pm
  • Bed: 11:45 pm
    • Upper GI, mild pain/spasms, lasted about a half hour
Sleep: 8 hrs
Water: 40 oz
Exercise: nerp
Went to sleep later than planned last night. I had one chapter left on my audio book and couldn't resist. In turn I had trouble getting out of bed. D could tell I was struggling last night and this morning and offered to cook me eggs. Even though we both know I don't like them first thing in the morning. It was sweet though, and much appreciated, and I totally ate them.
I had a tomato cucumber salad prepared for breakfast as well, but turns out it had been in the fridge long enough to not taste great. I should have gone in search of another vegetable, but I didn't. Feel fine, but that's a slippery slope I need to avoid heading down.
I'm slipping into a position of not having enough prepared food in my fridge. All I seem to have is stews.
So, I keep buying canned fish and pate and things, and then never eating them. I saw someone else's log showing sardines for lunch and thought figured I better go for it. Not bad, I wish I'd have warmed them in the pan with the beet greens but otherwise it was reasonably tasty and nicely filling. And aside from the weird stomach cramps that were sudden but brief, I feel rather good from my lunch.
Upper GI issues after going to bed. These are the type of issues I'm most worried about. What caused it? Do I have a FODMAP issue? I'm looking back through the last week or so to see if I can find a pattern to the lower GI issues that might be a contributing factor here.
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Day 37


  • Wake: 8:30 am
    • Lower GI
  • M1: 8:50 am to 10:00 am -  hot dog, apples
    • Lower GI distress lasting all morning
  • M2: 12:40pm to  - black olives, lamb stew (mostly veggies), beet green stems
    • depression hit with lunch, apathy, hard to not have non-compliant food. Wanting to just "give in for the day"
    • 2:30pm lower GI rumbling begins again. Clearly something in the stew is upsetting me.
  • M3: 6:00pm to 7:00pm - Burger patty (palm), onions and tomato and pickle and lettuce (handful), fries (handful), mayo (3 thumbs), water
  • Bedward:  pm
  • Bed: pm
Sleep: 8.5 hrs
Water: 30 oz
Exercise: No
Still waiting to do my next re-intro. GI tract is not behaving optimally. I don't see a clear pattern. But if I take out the days that involved home-made taco seasoning, there could be a correlation with the bone broth I made and my GI issues. The main bone broth included onion, garlic, carrots and celery. So, FODMAPs? I don't know.
I feel like I've eaten plenty of FODMAPs without issue in the last couple of weeks, namely beets and pears, but also onions and carrots I think. But I was having so much trouble at the beginning of my whole30 too, which I attributed to chewing but... I don't know. It's frustrating. But I'm doing a ton of reading up on FODMAPs now to see what I can learn and try some avoidance and re-intro.
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Day 38

  • Wake: 8:30am
  • M1: 8:50am to 9:30am - hot dog (3/4 palm), cucumber (handful), balsamic vinaigrett (thumb+), Black Forest Black Tea
  • M2: 12:30pm to 1:05pm - hot dog (palm), beet green stalks (handful), garlic basil oil (half a thumb), Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea
    • very mild constipation, or "heaviness" in the bowel and movement around 4pm
  • M3: 7:45pm to 8:30pm - Chicken with cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper (1.5 palms); Beet greens in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and lemon juice with home roasted pine nuts and salt and pepper (handful), pear (half a fist)
    • Lower GI perkolation beginning around 8pm
  • Bedward: 10pm
  • Bed: 10:30pm

Sleep: 9 hrs
Water: 25 oz
Exercise: none
Went out to eat last night. I was worried about it because I was already having a touch day staying on plan. It's hard to want to stay on plan when you aren't feeling the benefit. But I stayed compliant and was happy with my meal. That's only the 3rd time I've been out since starting my whole 30. I'm looking forward to sushi on my rice day though.
I seem to be feeling better today. I'm thinking I should give it one more full good day before then doing a re-intro. So I am hoping for rice on Friday. Oddly, that puts me back on my original schedule, but just having skipped a re-intro day.
Did a LOT of reading about FODMAPs yesterday and their categories and the compounds in those categories, etc, etc. My best guess is garlic and/or onion. Unless it wasn't food related at all, and was hormone related instead. Or heck, you know I didn't look at my teas. It could be one of my herbal teas! Well crap. I guess I need to track which ones I'm drinking. So much tracking.
Got hungry around 5. Guess I didn't eat enough for lunch.
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Day 39


  • Wake: 8:20am
    • Lower GI distress
  • M1: 8:30am  9:45am - Chicken with cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, salt and pepper (1/3 palm), lemon cucumber (handful), Tessamae's balsamic vinaigrette (thumb), Rose Garden Holiday Black Tea
  • M2: 1:40pm to  - Kippered herring in olive oil and black pepper (palm), kalamata olives (closed hand), beet stalks (heaping handful), tomato paste (half a thumb), olive oil (half a thumb), Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea
  • M3: 8:30pm to 9:30pm - chicken with rosemary and lemon (1/3 palm), carrots roasted in cinamon and clarified butter (small handful)
    • Had swallowing trouble and couldn't keep/get dinner down
  • Bedward: 12:00am
  • Bed: 1:00am
Sleep: 9 hrs, but very fitful because D couldn't sleep and was tossing and turning
Water: 20 oz
I know two isn't a pattern, but I've found that both days that I had tinned fish for lunch I feel really good. Not like tiger blood good, but like... stable. Stable all over. I'm finding it really difficult to describe but I want to see if that trend continues and I'm curious about other flavors and fishes. Also, it's a super easy protein source for lunch, and comes soaked in fat to boot.
Also, having pre-cut greens in the fridge has been super handy. Just scoop some out and steam saute it, add some flavor and done.
After doing a ton of reading about FODMAPs and reviewing my log, I am beginning to develop an hypothesis. It's possible that I'm a fructose malabsorber, where fructans (and maybe polyols) are exacerbators. I'm hoping/thinking that fructans and polyols on their own are not an issue. This would explain the lower GI symptoms I have been experiencing since about day 29 or so. My suspicion of why I usually have UPPER GI issues, rather than lower, is that I think one of the other foods that I have cut out causes my digestion to slow considerably. I think I'm getting two symptoms colliding. Fermentation, and slowed digestion. So the gas comes up, instead of going down. Question is... which food is it? I'm hoping that re-intro, when I can finally get back to doing it, will enlighten me on this.
So, my experiment, that I DON'T want to do by the way, is to avoid foods containing both out of balance fructose, as well as high fructans. Mainly for me this will mean pears, garlic, onion, figs (questionable), beets, brussels sprouts, asparagus and artichoke. The really crappy part of this is that I have a beets, brussels sprouts, and pears in my fridge right now. And our fig tree is in it's final phase of beautifully ripe figs. So I have a choice in front of me. Do I make and eat these things, dealing with possible consequences and delaying my re-intro. Or do I waste them, and the time of year we're in? It's a really tough question. I want to be very compliant until I'm done with my re-intros. But I can't see wasting this food. It's not the same as throwing out oatmeal that has already been in the cabinet for a year anyway. These are fresh seasonal vegetables. I suspect that if I cut the pears and onions and garlic out, that I will find the beets and brussels sprouts are ok.  Although it seems like brussels sprounts have raffinos (like beans) in them, in small amounts so maybe not on that one... Meh, I don't love them  anyway, I can just make them for D. The beets though, they're farmers market and big and lovely and begging to be cooked and ate.
Couldn't eat dinner. I was so hungry I ate too fast and got things all blocked up. I don't think I at nearly enough today, and it's been a bit of a trend with breakfast this week. I need to be better prepped next week so I have enough food on hand for a full meal.
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Day 40

  • Wake: 10:00am
  • mild mild mild almost imperceptible lower GI
  • M1: 10:30am  11:00am - Eggs over easy with turmeric, garlic powder, salt and pepper (3/4 palm), non-compliant bacon that included sugar and nitrates (3/4 palm), amaretto spice black tea
  • M2: 5:00pm to 5:45pm - Chicken with rosemary and lemon (palm), roasted carrots with clarified butter and cinnamon (small handful), figs (small handful), water
  • M3/Snack/Dessert: 6:00pm - 9:00pm - grapes (handful); Apples (two slices), Casablanca Carrots with cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, parsley, paprika, and lemon (small handful), water, coffee with a teaspoon of sugar
  • super mild lower GI (probably the garlic)
  • Bedward
  • Bed
Sleep: 9 hrs
Water: 50 oz
Exercise: none
So, not eating my pear with dinner last night appears to have maybe had a positive affect. I also specifically avoided garlic and onions with dinner. I didn't get a choice in the garlic salt this morning, I didn't realize D had put it on the eggs. I haven't told him I'm going to try to avoid them. I do also plan to have casablanca carrots later tonight which includes 2 cloves for the whole batch so I'll probably consume... a quarter to a half of a clove.
We had a block party the neighbors are threw for us to meet everyone. I didn't discuss dietary restrictions with them before hand. It was a potluck. I brought compliant carrots, and had grapes and apples and water. Finished off with some decaf drip coffee that I figured would be best consumed with a bit of sugar. Clearly this was not a compliant meal, although the foods were all compliant. I feel ok about this. I was able to participate in the event and the grapes were from my neighbor's property and were amazing.
I'm going to keep avoiding these two FODMAP groups (for the most part) through the weekend and hope that I can do a re-intro day on Monday. Being rice, I'm not expecting a reaction, and I'm hoping I won't have one. After that, I'm going to think about my pears and consider finishing them off, then gaining two good days and head back into re-intro fully.
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Day 41

  • Wake: 9:00am
  • M1: 9:30am to 10:00am - Eggs over easy with salt and pepper (3/4 palm), Casablanca Carrots with cinnamon, cumin, cayenne, parsley, paprika, and lemon (small handful), little bit of black coffee
  • Snake/Taste: Smattering of kefir and fermented veggies
  • M2: 5:00pm to 5:45pm - sausage (1/2 handful), purple peppers with olive oil (handful), almond butter (closed handful), pumpkin spice rooibos tea
  • Lower GI, I assume in response to nut butter
  • M3: 9:00pm - pm - cube steak with a marinade that included vinegar, olive oil, lime, garlic, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and oregano (palm+), delicata squash with olive oil and rosemary, sauce with tomatillo, avocado, garlic, lime, and cilantro (handful), la croix apricot
  • Bedward: 10:30pm
  • Bed: 11:45pm
Water: 40oz
Exercise: hour of walking
Went to a fermentation festival today. I tried a couple of krauts and kefirs, but not too much. It was fun, and I have a jar of string beans fermenting in my cupboard now.
I feel pretty confident that the rumbly tummy after M2 was nut butter related. Also good to know. Might have been the fermented foods catching up with me too though.
I'm anticipating feeling up to a rice day tomorrow. Assuming I wake up without rumbles I think I'm going to go for it. And no garlic, onion, or pear. :)
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Day 42

Rice Reintro
  • Wake: 9:00am
  • Lower GI
  • M1: 8:45am to 9:45am - sausage (palm), beats (handful), genmai cha tea (8oz)
  • Lower GI gas and cramping, upper GI pressure and mild discomfort
  • M2: 12:30pm to 1:30pm - sardines, olive oil, lemon, beet greens, kalamata olives, rice, gemai cha, la croix
  • 2:15pm - minor fatigue, Good fish feeling, No GI issues
  • Snack/Taste: 2:30pm - mushroom sauteed in butter (half of my last pinky segment in size)
  • 2:30pm - upper GI, super minor
  • 2:40pm - mild stomach cramps
  • 3:40pm - pekish/cravings (for carbs I think)
  • 5:19 - noticing a heavy type of feeling, constipation maybe, or some sort of processing happening
  • M3: 8:00pm to 9:00pm - cucumbers (handful), rice wine vinegar (closed handful), sesame seeds (sprinkle), broiled mackerel with salt (palm), rice (handful), salmon (1/4 palm), wasabe (pinch), nori (two thumbs length and width), tuna (1/8 palm), sriracha (a tiny amount)
  • 9:00 - upper gi pressure
  • Bedward: 10:30pm
  • Bed: 11:00pm

Sleep: 9hrs
Water: 28oz
Exercise: none
Well I did wake up with a rumbly tummy. I suspect an overconsumption of garlic. The steak marinade had both garlic and chili powder in it. And the avocado tomatillo sauce had garlic in it as well. I don't know why I didn't leave the garlic out of the marinade, I totally could have. I'm not sure if it would have made a difference though. I specifically didn't put garlic powder on my squash for dinner, but I did put it on D's and I had a few pieces of his.
I feel like I'm thwarting myself. Why is garlic so hard to avoid? Of all of the things I've cut out in the last 40+ days, why can't I seem to root out garlic?
I decided to do rice reintro today anyway. Apparently I convinced myself that I won't have a reaction to rice anyway, or something. I am ACTUALLY being careful about not garlic today, but then I had a bit of butter because my room-mate fried up a wild mushroom and offered me a piece. I had it half way to my mouth before he said butter and it was so tiny anyway. Worth it. In the end, maybe I'll do rice tomorrow as well to solidify the test. But man, avoiding garlic is really difficult.
I found a breakfast meat I can eat a full portion of. Not surprisingly it's pork sausage. I found some that is compliant, though with some sugar I think. Since I'm out of my 30 days I'm not so stringent on the added sugar. I'm not eating treats so I'm gonna roll with it in the interest of finding things I can eat.
So, the rice results:
It's filler, which means there was less room for protein and veggies. I already have trouble eating to template, so adding rice isn't helping my nutrition.
There is a chance it slows my digestion and/or peristalsis. (Peristalsis is the contraction of the smooth muscles in the GI tract that moves your food through). I had a feeling of heaviness in the lower GI areas, and a sense of constipation though I'm not sure if was my imagination. After so many days with the FODMAP issues I could be misjudging.
So I'm ding a second day. Steering well clear of garlic, onion, pears and other major FODMAPs. I'm going to keep an eye on this heaviness and slowed digestion and see if it persists. I had a suspicion that something in my normal diet caused slowed digestion, and that when paired with FODMAPS, led to upper GI issues because there was no where for the fermentation gases to go. I was fearing it would be dairy, but it seems like there's a chance it's some or all grains. Interesting.
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Day 43

Rice Reintro Day 2
  • Wake: 7:50am
  • very very mild lower GI gas
  • M1: 8:30am - broiled mackerel (half palm), rice (closed handful), beets (handful), olive oil (half a thumb), balsamic vinegar
  • 8:57am - minor lower GI cramps and discomfort
  • 11:00am - notably feeling a-ok, also have the "fish feeling"
  • M2: broiled mackerel (half palm), rice (closed handful), beets (handful), balsamic vinegar
  • 4:00pm - having trouble calming down from a tense and anger inducing meeting at 2pm. Generally, this would be relatively normal for the level of ire I felt, but it's worth noting since my moods have been so much more stable and I'm observing rice day.
  • 5:25pm - Lower GI gas
  • 5:40pm - Lower GI distress
  • 6:00pm - Feeling very low and discouraged. This continued all night.
  • 6:30pm - 7:50pm: Hot bath
  • 7:50pm - Upper GI pain and air. related to the heat? Related to combo of rice and beets?
  • Bedward: 10:30pm
  • Bed: 11:00pm
  • unable to fall asleep for hours, fitful bad sleep
Sleep: 8.5hrs
Water: 20oz
Exercise: none
So I went from feeling heavy and maybe constipated to urgency and diarrhea. I don't feel like this is a rice reaction. That would make no sense.
Spent all evening feeling sorry for myself and waging an inner battle between giving up and eating comfort food and not wanting to ruin all the work I've done. But since I have had maybe 15 stable days of the last 43 I'm not sure what work I HAVE done. Even those 15 days I'm now wondering if I just wasn't overlooking symptoms because they were mild lower GI symptoms and I was so focused on upper GI that I didn't care.
I feel like I have yet to have a day with no GI issues at all.  That's a lot of hard work for that result. It's a lot of not eating out and impacting my date nights.
I don't want to cut all FODMAPs out of my diet. It's autumn. I want to eat beets. I want to eat stews with onion and garlic. I want to eat the figs off of our trea, the last of the season. I want to eat the amazing pears I bought from the farmers market, the last of the season. I want to eat avocado and asparagus and brussels sprouts and cauliflower. I want to eat coconut.
I don't want to eat just squash and roots and greens. I don't want to cut out all prepared meats since they ALL include garlic and usually celery.
Unless I DO cut out the FODMAPs, I won't know if they're the cause. And I will have to be super effing diligent otherwise... maybe some slipped in. And until I know what's causing my GI issues there's no point in re-introducing any of the other food types that were already cut out. I already don't trust my corn and rice re-intros. I have an inkling of what was/wasn't related to them, but I can't be sure. There's no point doing oats on Friday.
So, at this point do I stay Whole30 with FODMAPs and enjoy the food for a while? Enjoy the harvest, eat well, tolerate the mild lower GI symptoms (which are new so they're not like a "gosh, this again?" kind of thing for me). I don't think I'm ready to cut out the FODMAPs. Not today. Not until those pears are gone. Not until the beets in my fridge are gone.
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Day 44

  • Wake: 8:00am
  • M1: 8:40am to 10am - hotdog (half a palm); delicata squash with clarified butter and salt and rosemary, a few pieces may have onion and garlic on them (small handful), lungo espresso with a splash of cream (yeah you read that right)
  • 10:00am - Lower GI gas
  • 1:30pm - upper GI gas, just a few small bubbles
  • M2: 1:37pm - hotdog (half a palm); delicata squash with clarified butter and salt and rosemary, a few pieces may have onion and garlic on them (small handful); black olives (handful); pear (half a fist) lungo espresso with a splash of cream, guava water kefir (fist volume)
  • 1:45pm - Upper GI pressure while eating
  • 5:48pm - lower gi bowel pain, constipation like
  • M3: 6:15pm to 7:00pm: sausage; cabbage; carrots and celery and tomato; mashed potato probably with butter and cream in it; one solitary caper that got mixed in somehow; two bites of pastrami with a bit of sauerkraut and a sliver of cheese; club soda with lime
  • 7:30pm - feeling better.
  • 8:51pm - Mellow Moments Tea
  • 9:21pm - lower GI cramping and gas
  • Bedward: 10:46pm
  • Bed: 11:00pm

Sleep: 9hrs
Water: 20oz
Exercise: I walked to the mailbox (down the street, and involves a steep hill)... does that count?
I'm relaxing a little today. After the rough night I had I need to give myself a break. I was really close to going out to get myself a curry. And when D came home with a fast food burger, I was contemplating doing that. Though I admit the bun did not look appealing. So today I put a splash of cream in my espresso because I really wanted espresso and I haven't had good experience with clarified butter alone and I didn't want to add coconut to smooth that out. Although now that I think about it, adding dairy to avoid adding coconut is kind of amusing. Regardless, I'm enjoying it and I feel ok about it. And tonight we're going to a German restaurant where I'm getting a dish with a mashed potato side that probably has butter and cream in it. And I'm not going to worry about it. The rest of the dish (cabbage rolls) is compliant anyway unless it has a non-compliant oil or maybe butter added to it. I feel ok about this decision. It feels no different from doing a re-intro day for dairy as far as the gut disruption.
Tomorrow I'll continue on compliant, but I will not be cutting out FODMAPs yet. I'm going to enjoy Autumn's bounty and accept the gurggly lower GI as the consequence. When I am ready, maybe after the Farmer's Markets close for the season, I will look at removing the FODMAPs and see what results I get.
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Day 45

  • Wake: 7:00am
  • M1: 7:30am to 8:00am - hot dog (half a palm); beets (handful); balsamic vinegar (half thumb); oil (half a thumb); tea
  • M2: 12:00pm to 1:00pm - hot dog (palm); beets (heaping handful); balsamic vinegar (half thumb); oil (half thumb); black olive (handful); meyer lemon tea; 3 small tart and tiny's
  • M3: 8:30pm to 9:00pm - beef roast (palm); sweet potato (handful); carrot (handful), broth (handful); water
  • Bedward: 10:15pm
  • Bed: 11:50pm
Sleep: 8hrs
Water: ?
Exercise: none
I never thought of white sweet potato as all that sweet. But apparently it is. D had challenges eating the pot roast tonight because the ratio of sweet potato was so high it made everything too sweet. Go figure. And lesson learned I guess.
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Day 46

  • Wake: 8:30am
  • 9:15am: some lower GI distress
  • M1: 9:28am to 10:00am- beef roast (half palm); sweet potato (small handful); carrot (small handful), broth (small handful); espresso (long shot); cream (thumb)
  • all seems well, no bubbles or rumbles or heaviness or pain
  • M2: 12:50pm to 2:00pm - compliant bratwurst (2 palms); fermented sauerkraut with caraway (handful), guava water kefir (1/3 cup), sparkling water with cherry essence
  • 8:30pm : Guave water Kefir (.5 cup)
  • M3: 10:00pm to 10:30pm - Chocolate Chili: Lamb, onion, red bell pepper, tomato, tomato paste, lamb broth, chili, cocoa, cumin, salt, allspice (heaping handful and a half)
  • Bedward: 11:45pm
  • Bed: 12:00am
Sleep: 8hrs
Water: 20oz
Exercise: none
I had a hell of a time with my pressure cooker tonight. If it had worked properly dinner would have been ready by 8. I never did figure out what was wrong with it, it just started working. Frustrating.
I left the garlic out of the chili in an attempt to save myself some grief. We'll see how well that worked in the morning.
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Day 47

  • Wake: 9:00am
  • M1: 10:00am - eggs (3/4 palm); stewed carrots and sweet potato (handful); guava water kefir (1/3 cup), black tea
  • M2: 3:30pm to 4:00pm - curried chicken salad with mayo and almonds and raisins (palm and a quarter); golden sweet potato and egg salad, also included mayo (handful), lemon cayenne water kefire (half a fist)
  • M3: chicken (palm and a half); potato roasted in clarified butter (fist); sauce made of beef broth, tomatillo, onion, poblano, anehemeim and jalapeno (handful); la croix
  • Bedward: 11:00pm
  • Bed: 1:00am
Sleep: 9hrs
Water: 20oz
Exercise: couple hours of gardening that included mostly pruning and racking and picking up of the pruned bits, couple hours of intimacy (trust me, this was exercise level)
I've been feeling notably better. I haven't eat much beets, and I have actively avoided garlic except the small quantities found in some seasoning mixes. It could be either of both bother me. I've been consuming a quarter cup or so of water kefir at the beginning of most of my meals. I have otherwise forgotten to take any probiotic pills or anything. And I have yet to do my research to understand it better. I have string beans fermenting in my cupboard right now though and they'll be done in a few days, so that's exciting.
I think relaxing has also helped. And taking @Saree_maree's information about what is reasonable and trying to define my own level of reasonable versus disruptive. I've been a little lax in keeping my notes but they're not really missing much in the way of GI issues, I really have been feeling better. So relieved.
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Day 49

Coconut Reintro Day
  • Wake: 8:00am
  • M1: 9:00am to 9:40am - chicken (half palm); potato roasted in clarified butter (half fist); sauce made of beef broth, tomatillo, onion, poblano, anehemeim and jalapeno (closed handful); bullet proof espresso with coconut oil and clarified butter (half thumb total of fats); coconut oil straight (half thumb)
  • 9:24pm: minor lower gi, I think it's spice related rather than coconut
  • 9:35am - little bit of an upper GI pressure feeling, not enough to cause me to stop eating though and not discomfort
  • 10:40am - lower gi, still spice I think
  • M2: 1:12pm to 1:45pm - coconut meat that may have fermented a bit (small handful), hot dog (half palm), beets with balsamic vinegar and olive oil (handful), pumpkin spice herbal tea with coconut cream (thumb of the cream)
  • 1:34pm - upper GI air. not painful but enough to have to burp it up. Definitely some pressure
  • 1:54pm - lower gi, still spice related
  • M3: 7:10pm to 8:00pm - short ribs cooked in coconut aminos and coconut vinegar and ginger and asian pear and chicken broth (2 palms, lots of fat on it), delicata squash roasted in mustard and clarified butter with rosemary (two handfuls), la croix, tiny pear (thumbs worth of fruit)
  • 7:15pm - some pressure in the upper GI, little bit of burping
  • 9:00pm - belly cramps (lower GI)
  • Bedward: 10:15pm
  • Bed: 12:00pm
So, is coconut meat a fruit or a vegetable? Or is it a fat?
So how'd it go? There is a possibility that I'm seeing the upper GI air issues in response to Coconut. I suspect mainly my trouble this morning was related to spices from yesterday and in the morning. But the evening, that definitely seemed like a minor experience of the same last time I had that dish. This time I left out the garlic and there was a lot less coconut aminos because I didn't have enough. I'm going to do a day 2 of coconut, though I don't have any more aminos so it's just oil, meat and milk.
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Interesting, so the fiber in the meat doesn't change it's status eh? Good to know.


Yeah, my protein in M1 is usually not up to template. I'm proud of myself for eating M1 before 11:30am right now. And to be fair, they're the jumbo dogs so they're more like a sausage. But it's not a complete palm of protein I think I'd guess about 3/4 of a palm. I seem to vary day to day what I estimate it at though. I should cut one up and compare.


At any rate. I do need to put some focus on what happens if I try to bring M1 up to template. But I am also very sedentary and I am full until M2 without even a hint of desire to snack. Too, I need to eat breakfast before work, which may help with this issue. I have fallen back into the habit of eating at my desk while I work. And I know better.

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Day 50

Coconut Reintro Day 2
  • Wake: 9:00am
  • M1: 9:35am to 10:23pm - eggs (palm), tomato (closed handful), coconut oil and ghee in coffee (half a thumb)
  • 10:10am - minor gas
  • M2: 6:40pm to 7:30pm - fennel bulb roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper (small handful), Chocolate Chili: Lamb, onion, red bell pepper, tomato, tomato paste, lamb broth, chili, cocoa, cumin, salt, allspice (2 heaping handfuls), coconut milk (bit more than a closed handful), la croix
  • Bedward: 10:00pm
  • Bed: 11:00pm
  • Upper GI pain and air, bad dreams, poor sleep
Sleep: 8hrs
Water: 20oz
Exercise: none
Alright, so coconut. I'm still nervous about the coconut aminos, but I had a thought last night about how the sauce with the aminos has pear in it. PEAR. Duh!!! And it's blended up so it's a paste. Considering how pears affect me digested in the proper way, the act that I get air coming up if I eat pear paste makes total sense. I can't believe this didn't occur to me before. So it seems likely it wasn't, and isn't, coconut at all. Not even the aminos. I suppose I'll get another bottle to test that theory.
But, aside from symptoms that I was looking for appearing in response to last night's dinner. I don't think I have had symptoms in response to coconut. So, I'm allowing it back into my diet and I'll keep an eye on it as I go. This means I can make a curry soon! I'm happy about that for sure.
I'm so glad I'm getting my re-intros under control. Turns out I should also avoid spicy food around re-intros. Noted.
You want to hear something else silly? I haven't been drinking coconut la croix this whole time either, just in case. I had D fetch me one with dinner last night and he was like "You know there's not actually coconut in this". But I wanted to be totally sure, and I figured if I was having a coconut day anyway then it was ok to have the la croix too. :")
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Day 51

  • Upper GI pain and air, bad dreams, poor sleep
  • Wake: 8:40am
  • 9:00am - guava water kefir (quarter cup)
  • Some upper GI air
  • M1: 1:00pm to 1:30pm - chicken (half palm); potato roasted in clarified butter (fist); sauce made of beef broth, tomatillo, onion, poblano, anehemeim and jalapeno (small handful); guava water kefir (quarter cup), apple cider (quarter cup)
  • 5:00pm - painful upper GI pressure and air (either the onions or the apple cider most likely)
  • M2: 6:30pm to 7:00pm - grilled chicken with paprika, cinnamon, salt and pepper (palm and a half); grilled sweet peppers with oil, salt and pepper (two handfuls); pimento green olives (small handful); guava water kefir (quarter cup); water
  • 9:00pm - ongoing upper GI upset and pain and air, lower gi gas.
  • Bedward: 9:30pm
  • Bed: 11:30pm
Sleep: negligible, restless sleep
Water: 40oz
Exercise: neglible
Upper GI issues all day today. I suspect the apple cider wasn't helpful, but there was also some onion in the lunch dish. I was careful with dinner but I guess I've done myself in so well it wasn't any use. I'm relatively sure it was a FODMAP build up of onion over the past few days. I do not think it was coconut related. Despite this terrible discomfort I really do think I'm learning, finally, about my triggers.
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Day 52

  • Wake: 8:50am
  • M1: 9:30am to 10am - hot dog (palm); beets with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette (handful); black tea
  • M2: 1:20pm to 1:40pm - hot dog (palm), beets with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette (handful); fermented green beans (small handful); black tea, quarter cup of guava water kefir
  • M3: 7:50pm to - grilled chicken with cinnamon, paprika, salt and pepper (two palms); green beans with dijon mustard, olive oil, and balsamic vinaigrette (two handfulls, 3/4 thumb of oil); quarter cup of guava water kefir
  • Bedward: 10:00pm
  • Bed: 11:45pm
Sleep: 9hrs
Water: 30oz
Exercise: does grocery shopping count?
Tomorrow will be High Lactose Dairy Reintro day. I am beside myself with excitement. Tonight I went and bought milk, and cottage cheese, and ice-cream and a bit of milk chocolate.
While shopping for the milk chocolate I discovered some other chocolates with no milk in them. So I bought some of that too. I may have also looked for pumpkin oreos, but as fate would have it there weren't any at the store. This is certainly for the best. I do not need a whole package. I have already asked a friend to bring me one if they show up at his office. I'm willing to save it for an appropriate planned day and don't need a whole package of them.
Oh yeah, and stable GI today. Woot. I also bought more Kefir cause I'm running out and I haven't gotten around to getting grains to make my own.
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