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Dr. Perlmutter also goes into great detail about why he is AGAINST statin drugs. On and on about the importance of cholesterol, to every cell of our bodies.

I hope that no one reading this thread is currently taking -- or will ever consider taking -- a statin drug.

If anyone wants to discuss further, I'd be happy to. :)


To give you a view of french people on this.

2 billions euros spent by the french government to reimburse statins to people (through social security) each year. Knowing that the french social security system = crisis.


There is a french cardiologist who has studied for years cholesterol/statin issues. He wrote some books saying it is literally toxic.  (Michel de Lorgeril). Last month a report on TV about statins. It was very good. It shows that the science were not so clear about fat = cholesterol = heart diseases and that several specialists disagree about the commun advices.


Then, a debate was organized. Guess who was invited? 2 doctors that were trying to reassure french people about statins... and who refuses to debate with the cardiologist Michel de Lorgeril (so he was not invited to debate) ... and who did not say they were receiving money from the phamaticeutical companies for consulting services...


At the end of the day, the message was terrible. I have some relatives who takes statins. They were thinking about stopping. But finally did not because they were convinced by these 2 doctors during the TV shows...


Statins are expensive and are bad for people. We know good eating habits are better that those drugs to avoid heart attacks.... But if people starts eating good quality of meat, god quality of fat, organic local vegetables, and start to cook at home = the end of pharmaceutical industry and food idustry. How to fight these giants?


As you say it is frustrating to realize that and not to be able to convince friends, relatives, colleagues. You see them sick all the time, tired, with bad mood, cravings, complaining about the fat they have...

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Hey, GBR -- thanks for popping in.   :)


I'm sorry to hear about statins being so heavily pushed in France, also.  It's a mess.


Sometimes I think to myself:  We humans think we are so smart.  And in a lot of ways, we are.  But animals, when left to their own devices -- they just know what to eat.  They know how to take care of themselves.


What has happened to us?  


But there is HOPE!  We can turn this thing around......  One person at a time.  It starts with ourselves.  Beyond that -- if someone won't listen, at least you have planted a seed.  Maybe they will come around, and maybe they won't.  But there are so many out there who need and do want help...  We just gotta keep on truckin'.   :)

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Just wanted to post here so the people I mainly talk to on this forum all will probably see it --- I fried my phone's charging port while I was travelling this weekend, and so I don't have internet anymore unless I go to an internet cafe or something.  I've got a part ordered that's supposed to arrive this weekend so hopefully that fixes it.

Still eating good and feeling good.  Hope you all are well.

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I thought of you on the 30th.  Another Whole 30 down -- no big deal, right?   ;)






Oh yes I did!   :lol:


My pinky toes are not happy about this transition.  But they will get over it.   :)


Love VFFs! I have two pair  B)


You're going to have killer calves soon.

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Happy to say that my teenager has decided to go back to low-carb until Christmastime.  He did Carb Nite with us for awhile, and had some great observations -- the greatest one being the increased mental clarity he experienced during the ULC part of the week.  I don't know what all of his reasons are this time, I just know that he feels better eating this way (as I obviously do) and this is a very grown-up decision.  He's 14.


So we just finished sharing a wonderful brunch of eggs, tuna, bacon, spinach, kale, chard, cooked up in a bunch of coconut oil and ghee, with a spoonful of homemade mayo on top -- with our 2 raw brazil nuts on the side.  I eat this (minus the bacon, sometimes with mayo and sometimes not) almost every day for breakfast and it just makes me feel great. 


I meant to post a picture the other day when I said this ^ because he's been out in the garage lifting weights, and he is SO proud of his veins.  He's amazed by them.   :D




I meant to post this because I wanted to make it clear that his decision has absolutely nothing to do with his weight.  He is quite muscular and lean.  


He doesn't like how he feels when he is eating a lot of carbs.  He has more brain fog, he is more sluggish, he has more trouble staying on-task.  He struggles more with his school work.


He decided to do Carb Nite with us when we were trying it out last year.  He thought it sounded like fun.  He discovered on his own that he really liked how he felt.  He started getting up earlier in the mornings, his mood was better in general.  




Today I saw the November 27 post that was in response to my post about my son.  It's not posted here, of course.  But I got the intended message loud and clear.


I shared it with him, and he couldn't quite believe it.  How something could be taken and twisted into something that it so totally isn't...  How someone can be so judgmental of a situation which they clearly do not understand.


I have thought of so many other things I could say........  But I think I will just leave it at that.  It's time for a fresh start.   :)

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I don't know what was said, but I have to say that I am proud of your son!  He sees the difference diet can make, and he chose to do what is best for HIM.  If he had found that a strictly vegan diet (for AN example) is what made him feel best, and chose to follow it, that would be great.  The point is, that he is in tune with his body.  Most teenagers are not.  Most people are not.  I am in awe and wish I hadn't waited until my 40s to discover how my body reacts to different foods.


....and yes, the veins are awesome (of course, I see them from a nurse's point of view  :rolleyes: )

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