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Sesame Oil confusion

Nancy   H.

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I am excited to start on this program on Saturday 9/15. I have cleaned out my fridge and cupboards of all non compliant food items. I have the book ISWF and have been devouring it. (Pardon the pun)

But there seems to be some confusion regarding Sesame and Sunflower Oil. In Chapter 9 it talkes about Seed Oils and on page 102 it lists the oils to avoid. Sesame and sunflower oil are among these.

Yet on the Appendix B: Condensed Shopping Guide and Meal Planning Template it lists both Sesame and Sunflower Oil as those to be purchased.

I really do want to do this right, but after reading that chapter it made me definately want to stay away from all these seed oils. That is a frightening chapter, but with very good information.

I am hoping a moderrator can address this for me.

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Welcome Redrider!

Here's the deal with seeds/nuts and their corresponding butters and oils: When you eat them raw, they're an ok choice. They're a little high in the Omega 6 fats, but if you can eat them reasonably (a lot of folks struggle with this) they're a fine addition to your diet. BUT, when they're heated, the oils in the nuts and seeds oxidize and then act like all the other vegetable oils (not a good choice).

SO, when we suggest you can include those oils in your program, we mean that we'd like you to use them cold (and even get cold pressed if you can). However, we don't think that they're troublesome enough to your body to have excluded them from the approved foods.

I hope that makes sense!

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