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Massive Headache Day 26


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Today (and yesterday) I experienced massive headachs pretty much all day.


At-least 70oz of water (I weigh somewhere around 117-118)

meal1: 2 cups spinach, avocado, 1 palm chicken breast, 1/2 cup of black coffee

Meal2: 1.5 palms chicken, spinach mixed with 1/2 small yam, 1/2 avocado and banana

Meal3: 1 palm Chicken breast and avocado

40 min circuit workout with sprints, planks, jump rope, dead lifts, lunges etc.

Meal4: 2 cups Kale, 1 palm chicken and 1 palm yam, Kambucha

Other than the headache I'm feeling really strong, sleeping well, not getting hungry inbetween meals (which has been my biggest struggle Whole30)

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What stands out to me is that you are low-carb AND low-fat.


I know, you will say the avocado is your fat.  And it is.  I understand.


BUT -- there is little to no fat in chicken breast.  I still think you are low on the fat.  I'd add saturated fat, in particular.  Like eggs.  Coconut oil.  Steak.  Ground beef.


I am reading Dr. Perlmutter's book right now and he is big on the importance of cholesterol for brain health.


The biggest mistake people make when eating low-carb is not eating enough FAT to make up for their energy requirements.

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All my kale/spinach veggies are cooked in coconut or avocado oil. I eliminated nuts because I discovered an allergy to cashews, but I could try to try perhaps adding in almonds as an additional fat, I've never had a problem with them before. I live the taste of veggies w/o any added oil or dressing and just don't like modifying their flavor too much.

I do eat elk and antelope, but no ground beef (no reason to buy it with a game freezer) but game is fairly lean so maybe I need to start cooking it in oil too?

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My headache was so bad I couldn't sleep. Had 1TB almond butter and 16oz of water- headache went away. I know nut butters aren't the recommended fat source- so I won't be doing this quick fix again, kinda wanted to test out almonds anyway since I've eliminated nuts for the last 3 weeks... I'll work on adding more fat throughout the whole day.

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I wonder if you are eating enough overall. That could explain a headache. Another possibility is not salting your food adequately. Not getting enough salt would not hurt at first, but overtime you could develop an issue. 


You ate 2.5 avocados in one day. I think you are getting enough fat, but too much avocado. One avocado per day is good. Eating more in a day invites finding another fat source because variety is good, not just for your taste buds, but for nutrition. 


You ate chicken for 4 meals in one day. I would like to see more variety. 


If you are eating raw spinach and kale, you may not be eating enough food overall. Raw greens offer very little bulk after being chewed, especially spinach. For example, 2 cups of raw spinach wilts down to maybe 2 tablespoons of spinach when cooked. We want you eating 2-3 cups of cooked veggies per meal.


Cooking oil typically is not consumed. It stays in the pan after cooking with many dishes. Therefore, you should not expect to consume much fat from cooking oil. You might want to look at olives, mayonnaise, and fatty cuts of meat to increase fat content. 

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Variety is day to day, I tend to eat a lot of leftovers- finish them and then cook something new for the next 1-2 days. With two toddlers and a full time job it's pretty much the only way I can make sure I'm eating compliant food without breaking the bank, or staying up until midnight cooking after they go to bed.

Veggies were cooked, not raw. What are good fat sources other than avocados and coconut oil. I just can't glob it on my veggies after cooking them in it, I've tried and I gag- I love veggies and don't want to ruin their flavor.

As far as meat goes I eat: antelope, salmon, elk, venison and chicken. No: pork or beef.

Eggs give me digestive issues. So do cashews. I'm OK with almonds.

I salt everything and even started throwing a little salt in my water especially after long runs and bikram.

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With two toddlers and a full time job

long runs and bikram


This was my point:  Not enough energy coming in.  Or as Tom says, not enough food overall.  


I pointed to fat because that is the easiest way to add in more, and because you are leaning toward a low-carb way of eating.  


Spread ghee on your meat, choose fattier cuts of meat, eat olives, add in some macadamia nuts if they work well for you.  Have you made homemade mayo?

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