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Hi I'm Stacey M. I am 43 and have been  dealing with chronic pain, digestive issues and extra weight for over 13 years. Two babies left my body feeling even more wrecked after each. This past year brought diagnosis of chronic bursitis in my hips, fibromyalgia and IBS with a suggestion for meds to manage. I couldn't start a medication in good conscious.

After trying elimination diets, no sugar, and various other things I was feeling defeated. Enter Whole30. I ran into a friend at church who had struggled most of her adult life with 20lbs. She's tiny. She was glowing. She was happy. She felt good. And come to find out, she had done Whole30 and reset everything, not to mention, lost those pesky pounds that never would let go no matter how hard she tried.


It was a major motivation for me and I started Whole30 2 days later. Everything makes sense in a way no other "diet" has before. With every day I'm feeling better, less pain, sleeping better and I'm getting smaller. I can tell because there a bunch of clothes that haven't fit since before I had my son 4 years ago.


I'm looking forward to waking up one day with more energy, almost no pain.


But the best thing of all is the Food Freedom I finally feel. I can eat, be satisfied, not have crazy cravings and don't feel ruled by food.


Thank you Melissa and Dallas  ENDLESS hours you have put into Whole30. I'll keep you posted over the next 19 days!!!!

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