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major constipation + major bloating = major issues

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hi w9l,

on day 8 and i feel just okay. my poo looks like rabit poo mixed with sand paper. can too much fiber be a bad thing? here's a sample day of what i eat:


smoothie (4 oz coconut milk, 4 oz coconut water, banana, blueberries)

3 scrambled eggs with gf groundbeef w/ guac and salsa


1/4 cup macadamia/cashews


1 qt of stew (protein, carrots, cauliflower, parsnips, onions)


1 apple, small bunch of grapes


protein, mixed dark leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach, etc)

my poos really suck bad and i feel SO gassy.

the wifey eats pretty much the same thing (diff amounts) and is VERY gassy. she used to be a poo champ but now its thin, mushy, and not satisfying.

we want to stick it out but it sucks that we are both feeling like crap.

please help.

peace and love!!

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Here's what I'm seeing in the above log:

a) A lot of raw roughage. This alone is enough to cause the bloating and gas.

2) Not much variety of veggies, tons of fruit. Veggies are superior to fruit in every nutritional way, plus they don't contain as much pesky sugar for your gut to deal with (read, gas and bloating).

3) Nuts alone. Nuts are also notorious for digestive fireworks. Give yourself a break and eat them as a part of a meal.

4) That's not a lot of food volume. You didn't mention your gender, body type or general height/weight/frame/whatever, but to put it in perspective that's about what I'd eat (actually I eat a bit more) in a day. I'm 5'0, female and about 120lbs. If you are larger than me, and/or male, you need.more.food.

My suggestions: Skip the fruit at breakfast. Stick with protein, veggies and fat. Make your snacks mini meals. Up your total volume. Give your gut the chance to adjust (seems to be about 2 weeks for many).

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