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Please offer suggestions.

I had an awesome Whole30 back in June that kind of rolled into a whole60 "day ish".

With some riding my own bike thrown in. However, since our youngest bday in mid August, the snacking kind of began and now sweets are making a return. Several things i never truly added back at least not on the regular but sweets are now making s return but Whole30 philosophy is still in tact in some areas but I just don't seem to feel as great as before, even with eating a lot of the same meals.

So I'm asking do i do another Whole30 or even longer or would a Whole15 kind of get me back to the amazing OR should I just focus on riding my own bike?

So what would YOU do?

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Your story is sounding much like mine! I've decided to do another W30 (starting 9/14) and since I have the food basics down, I want to use this one to focus on understanding more about the role food plays in my life. I haven't done enough off roading to lose the benefits I gained, but I feel like I'm on the edge. It's no so much a lack of confidence as it is feeling like I've got so much more to learn. Also, I tried the slow roll reintroduction and I think I want to try the more structured approach. Sugar isn't part of the reintroduction but I've found it creeping in, So I'm going for the start over with a focus on learning more about me.

Good luck, whatever path you choose!

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It's not unusual for your second Whole30 to be more difficult than your first, there's even a whole article about why this is.


I know for me, when I've off roaded a lot, it's hard to get back in the swing of things, so a lot of times I have to take it meal by meal. I tell myself, this meal I'll have a good Whole30 meal. At my next meal, if I want junk food, that's fine, but this meal right now, I'm going to have protein, vegetables, and healthy fat. I can usually commit to each meal individually, and if I do decide I really want the junk food instead at some meal, I haven't broken a Whole30 because I hadn't committed to 30 days, so for some reason it's easier to get back on track. (I know that I have an issue with all-or-nothing type thinking, so if I blow a Whole30 for one meal, I figure, well, this day is a loss, so I'll just have All The Junk Food and start over tomorrow -- which may or may not actually happen the next day. But just one meal at a time, I at least end up with more meals that are Whole30 compliant than ones that are not.) 

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