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Day 27: No desire to eat...ANYTHING!


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I'm on day 27, and I have reached a point to where I have no desire to eat. Food does not look appealing, I'm not hungry or thirsty.

This is my first Whole30, and I never really had any struggles, had even planned on continuing thisvlifestyle to an extent, after the Whole30 process was complete. I have had no dragons or demons....only a hormone adjustment that reset my system back to puberty. NOT happy about that.

But over the last 2 days I started to lose interest in food. Today, desire is all gone. I drank some water to take my vitamins, forced myself to eat an apple with almond butter, and a hard boiled egg....but it was tasteless and hard to swallow cuz it wasn't appetizing. So....what's wrong with me?!

Also, I have this thought that I have detox enough, 3 days won't make that big of a difference, right? Want to do the reintroduction and be done. BUT, I am not a quitter and will see this through. Just expressing my thoughs and would like some advice of how to work through these issues.


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Most people go through a period in their Whole30 where they don't feel like eating. Unfortunately, not eating can actually cause you to continue to not want to eat, so the best thing to do is eat something. This feeling should pass in a day or two.


Do think about if there are any foods that do sound good to you. Some people find that when they feel this way, they want something familiar, something they know will be tasty -- comfort food type foods. Maybe that's roasted sweet potato bites, or something like Shepherd's Pie, or whatever your favorite foods are. Other people find this feeling comes more from food boredom, and they find that trying something new or something you don't have often can help. 


When I feel this way, I usually spring for a steak to grill, some roasted sweet potato chunks dipped in garlic mayo, a nice salad or some grilled zucchini, and maybe some grilled pineapple slices. Try to figure out what might sound good to you and go for that.


Hang in there, you've come this far, you can manage three more days, if for no other reason than to be able to say you really did a Whole30. 

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Thank you Shannon.

I am going to make some Blacken Chicken, happens to be one of my favorites new recipes and hope I can get it down. I made the best hamburgers the other night, thought that would do the trick but only tasted good that night and for a few bites. (sad face)

I am thankful this happened towards the end and not the beginning.

Thanks for the encouragment!


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