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Prepping for a Whole 30


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Hi, I'm new here! I am preparing to do a Whole 30 soon and I'm in desperate need of good recipes. I have requested Whole 30 and It Starts with Food from the library and I know there's lots of recipes in Whole 30 (I've checked the book out before). 


I have pretty simple tastes, and I also like spicy foods. I'm a busy mama to 2, wife to 1 and work 50+ hours outside of the home. My hubby is a SAHD. I am planning to do the Whole 30 solo, though I think my tot and hubby will enjoy some of the meals. He will be making the meals for him and the kids and he'll be helping with prepping mine (since I'm never home). 


Please share your favorite recipes with me! I'm planning out my menu and grocery lists in advance so I'm as prepared as I possibly can be; I feel like ill planning will be a downfall for me so I'm trying to circumvent that. Thank you for your help! 

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Have you checked out The Clothes Make The Girl, Nom Nom Paleo, and Whole Life Eating?  The first link there is to her recipe index and non-Whole30 recipes are marked, so it's easy to know which ones are okay and which to avoid. For Nom Nom Paleo, many of her recipes are Whole30, but she does have some that aren't, so you'll have to read through them. All the recipes on Whole Life Eating are Whole30 compliant.


Some of my favorite recipes are Belly Dance Beet Salad (I didn't think I particularly liked beets until I tried this), these Perfect Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs (kind of messy, though, so I don't make it often), and this mayo (really easy, no drizzling oil or letting stuff come to room temp). I also tend to do things that don't require recipes, per se -- roast a bunch of vegetables, brown some ground beef with onions, garlic, salt, and pepper, keep chopped greens in the fridge ready to throw in a skillet to saute. 


Also check out this post from The Clothes Make The Girl about a weekly cookup -- it's not quite the same as a strict meal plan, but still ensures you have plenty of food available for the week. 

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