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Finished! But still going strong


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So I finished my whole30....

1) I was at 117 this AM, which means I only lost 1lb (I'm a little over 5'6) But I did loose 1 inch off my waist 26-25 and 2 off my hips! 35-33. I've actually gotten a lot of compliments that I don't look "fragile" anymore, that I look strong and healthy, and my husband said im getting my booty back, so that's good!

2) my anxiety is so much better

3) I'm sleeping a lot longer

4) I stopped obsessing about workouts. In fact this month I probably worked out less than I have in the past year since I had baby #2.

5) I haven't quite figured out eating 3 meals a day, getting SO much better, but not there yet- hence the reason I'm continuing

6) my running is actually significantly stronger this last week. I didn't get a long run in this week, due to the massive smoke from fires. And I just loathe running over 10 miles on the treadmill. So I did a lot of interval days. I ran two sub-six min miles this week, a 37 min 10K and a few other great runs. I didn't feel the need for any pre-workout snack but did a post workout each time. I feel like my body is really getting the hang of being "fat adapted"

7) I figured out that my body needs starchy veggies and fat or I get massive horrid headaches

8) Probably the biggest thing that happened *female alert here* is that I got my cycle back, after not having one for almost 6 months.

From pregnancy, to Breastfeeding, to compulsive exercise I think my hormones were really out of whack- I'm still healing them, and healing my relationship with food which is why I'll be continuing my whole30.

9) doing the Whole30 has helped my marriage tremendously. My husband was pre-whole30 constantly worried about how little I was eating/much I exercIzed

I'll wait another week for introductions. I already know that gluten doesn't do well with my tummy and running. But I'll most likely try brown rice next week.

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