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Toggling my way through my W30


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This is my second W30 ( starting 9/14) and I've been a lurker on the boards since my first one in early June. I know there's been a bunch of observations as to how much more time this takes to eat this way. I took a time management class last winter where we Toggled our days - right down to how much time we spent brushing our teetth! I found it a bit excessive but still there were some takeaways for how I spent my time. My experience with W30 is that the first few weeks I felt consumed by doing the program, but during the last few weeks I'd hit a rhythm and things got ever so much easier. I've maintained a W30-ish lifestyle in the 2 months since I completed my 30, so now I'm curious about how much time it really takes.

My theory is that all life that is worthwhile takes time, but sometimes not as much as we think. So I'm going to Toggl my way through these next 30 days to see how much time I really spend planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up.

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