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Are people posting here, too?  I tend to do both, as I write more on the message boards.


October 1.  Day 1.  M1.  Two eggs fried in ghee with sauteed spinach/kale mix.


Weight in and measurements coming.


My family is picking up and moving to England (from Los Angeles) starting November 9.  I am 40 lbs overweight, and 40 lbs over when I reached my goal weight successfully completing successive whole30s in 2013.  I fell off the wagon, bad, and have had a terrible time getting back on.  But, my incentive is that I absolutely hate living in cold environments overweight.  I hate putting on extralarge sweaters and extra large winter coats over my extra large body.  And of course there is the concept of fresh start.  My lifelong friends here in the States have known me at all sizes.  I would really, really like to start my frest start in England at a healthy weight and stay at it forever.  We are moving there so we can have a less stresful lifestyle, as we commute a ridiculous number of miles here in California every week.


Best wishes, everyone.



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Tracy, your meal 1 needs more protein. When you have eggs, that would be 3-4. Also, the ghee used for frying your eggs doesn't count as a fat for the meal since most of it remains in the pan. Did you have more on your spinach? Follow the meal template for every meal. Protein 1-2 palms, veggies 1-3 cups and you should be closer to 3 cups than 1, fat 1-2 thumbs.

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D1 M2.  1 cup of homemade bolognese meat sauce with veggies.


Batch cooked Well Fed Chocolate Chili.  I'm trying to make it in my Instant Pot pressure cooker, for the first time.


Also made 2 lbs of bolognese meat sauce - 2 lbs hamburger, two chopped onions, chopped mushrooms, two cans diced tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, some chicken stock and handfuls of oregano, basil, parsley.

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