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Starting Sept. 15th send me good vibes!

Noelle Alexis

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Hi my names Noelle and I'm starting the Whole30 tomorrow!


I'm so excited to be starting this journey and I really want to succeed! I'm a college student in Orlando, FL and a part-time educator at SeaWorld. I'm 21 years old and I need to become more healthy. My weight has kind gotten the best of me over the past few years I believe because of how college can really break you of your healthy habits. I've never truly been skinny but I've never been this heavy before in my life. I use to be an active dancer until the age of 18 where everything went down hill. I hope this Whole30 will help be get on track to a healthy lifestyle and finally fitting back into my favorite pair or jeans from my senior year of high school!


Send me good vibes!


xoxo- Noelle

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