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Is Whole30 is the only healthy way to eat?


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I am still trying to sort out my life post-Whole30. It was an interesting nutritional reset, but I don't think I could do a WholeInfinity (Whole30 for life). However I still want to be as healthy as can be.


Do people have to avoid grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, sweeteners, and even certain combinations of ingredients (SWYPO) to eat a healthy diet? As in, could all diets be improved by removing these ingredients? How much is left up to individual tolerance?


For example, I thought that some people could eat egg/banana pancakes without any desire to go to normal pancakes. I have tried buttermilk pancakes and did not enjoy them. Then I tried egg/pumpkin two-ingredient ones a year ago and thought they were better. Also, the ratio is not very low on the protein:other ingredient ratio; it is one egg to around 1/8 cup of pumpkin. So in this case, they did not really prompt me to go back to them. Would it hurt me to eat these often after my Whole30? A similar thing is true for cauliflower/egg tortillas.



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Whole 30 is meant to be a truly individualized process. What works for me in my particular context may not work for you given your particular context. And our contexts can change. There's no reason to avoid SWYPO foods such as pancakes and tortillas made with compliant ingredients post Whole30 unless they cause you problems. For example, if eating them pushes more nutrient dense foods off your plate or if they turn out to be FWOB for you, then you might want to consider foregoing them.


Question: did you do reintroductions after your Whole 30 to determine which foods, if any, caused you problems? It's a Whole 30, not a Whole 365, and the purpose of the reset is to change your relationship with food and give you real information for moving forward with your diet. So, figuring out what it means to eat in a way that allows you "to be as healthy as can be" is up to you, but we recommend using the tools provided by the program, specifically doing formal reintroductions.

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