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Beef Bone Broth - what to do with the solid parts?

Janine Costanzo

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So I just made my first batch of beef bone broth. It slow cooked for 20 hours and is in the fridge now. I also saved all of the stuff that was leftover in the crockpot--carrots, celery, garlic, onion, bits of fatty gooey meat, etc. I did toss the bones, since there was nothing left on them to salvage. But I figured I'd keep the rest of the solids since they might be useful for something, and they smelled really good (I love fatty meat).

What should I do with this...glop (sorry, that's what it's like)? I suppose I could add it back to the broth and have soup that way, but is there anything else it'd be good for? Should I just eat it as is? Blend it into gravy, like I did with the stuff at the bottom of the slow cooked roast chicken I made? Something else?

Thanks! :)

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