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Day 29 and AWFUL headaches. stomach discomfort


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So this has went really well for me on a "weight loss" and energy level; but I have the worst headaches when I wake up.  My stomach has also began retaliating to beef again, which for the longest time (say day 5-20) it was doing fine.  At that time I was eating just hamburger from our ranch.  This week, I tried a few sirloins and a roast I made up...maybe I over ate.  I also introduced olives in the proper volume.  Not sure what the source of the head aches could be or why the stomach is feeling stuck.  I probably am not getting enough water, but to drink it all day is a little scary since Im a teacher and am not to leave the room--and seriously if I drink any water my body doesn't sustain it for very long---a diplomatic way of saying that I have to use the restroom in the next 15 minutes.  I am on several medications for anxiety as well, and I think this attributes to the head aches.  Anyone have any ideas?  I believe im eating better than ever on this program, so it doesn't have anything to do with starving at any level.  I also added fruit about a week ago, two servings a day-generally an apple or two..one in the morning one for dinner.  Seems like there is some withdrawing from the sugar so I threw every piece of fruit I had away last night--well, i fed them to the birds outside.  ?? 

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We would need to see a report of 2-3 days of meals, how much water you are drinking, exercise, sleep, etc. to offer useful feedback. 


Not starving is different than eating appropriately. Many people under-eat during a Whole30, which makes what they are doing unsustainable. 


Many people fail to consume enough salt and develop some problems from that.


Drinking too little water can create problems.


Failing to eat starchy veggies can provoke problems.

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