Whole30 on a MAJOR Budget?


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I am starting the Whole30 with a bunch of wonderful ladies from my box. One question I have is: how easy is it to do the program on a serious budget? 


I recently graduated and am in the process of paying off student loans, trying to save up for a new car, and still pay all my regular bills. I'm sure I've used the cost of healthy foods as an excuse in the past, but if anyone can offer any tips or inexpensive recipes that would be wonderful! 


I really want to be successful during my 30 days. 

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I do whole30 on a tiny budget for both my son and I. I'm a single mum in a pricey country so it's not easy but it is doable.

I cook things I've always cooked but whole30fied, I cook big pots of chili or stews or sauces for courgette "pasta" heavily bulked out with veg and whole chickens etc. I don't do whole30 recipes because I don't want to rush out and buy ingredients I may never use again! I shop in aldi mainly as it is very cheap, I make stock a lot, eat a lot of mince and cheap cuts of meat that need slow stewing, make cauliflower rice to bulk things out even further and rarely eat out anymore so that saves money!

I'm saving for my first car too...at 40...

Oh and I've never bought most if the things in most people's whole30 lists....can't find it afford coconut aminos or such things...

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I think this thread is rather old, but you can totally do it.  Just check what is on sale for the week before preparing your menu.  I've found whole chickens for $0.79/lb which makes quite a few meals.  You can also find pork should roasts relatively cheap from time to time (under $2/lb).  Sometimes you can get whole NY Strips relatively cheap.   And then as far as veggies and fruit, just buy what is in season and it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

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