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The Whole30 Freed Me. I cannot believe the difference in my life. I wrote all about it here:




Here’s an excerpt:


I threw away my scales. I’m finally free.

IMG_5230.jpg?zoom=2&resize=225%2C300I am no longer a slave to these devices.

That is the priceless, immeasurable result of my Whole30.

For the first time in 34 years, my relationship with gravity and the device used to scientifically measure that relationship no longer determine my mood, dictate my happiness or demean my sense of self worth.

. . . . . . 


The chains binding me to those scales stretch over three decades. I’ve had self-esteem and body image issues since age 14. When I hit puberty, my previously thin body and raging metabolism turned against me. I gained weight and was subjected to sometimes-weekly weigh-ins in front of my family because my mother thought that would motivate me and help me adhere to a diet and stay trim for pageants, dating and cheerleading tryouts. It didn’t – . . .  

IF you want to read the rest, go here: http://www.michellemariecox.com/category/weight-and-whole30/

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Hi, Michelle! Congratulations on your success -- it's very freeing to realize you don't need to weigh yourself anymore, isn't it?



Just to note, I've deleted the duplicate of this post that you posted in the Friends and Family section of the forum -- it's against forum rules to crosspost the same thing in multiple places. 

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Hi Michelle,




I just read your success story and I agree.  That "SCALE" is not a friend.  It is how you feel and look.


My husband and I just finished as well.  We are taking the reintro very slow like you.  And like you, I am not ready to tempt that sugar dragon....but we are going to a wedding in October -- we plan on enjoying ourselves but not go nuts and return to clean eating.  WE LOVE WHOLE 30 and it LOVE US and are so greatful to have found it.


May you go from strength to strength and wish you all the best. 


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