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3rd Time on Whole30 -


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This is my 3rd time on Whole30. Every time I've started a Whole30 I wake up very sick that day. My first time I almost was going to push it back but WholeFood's Mama's Chicken Soup really helped along with veggies and eggs. 


This time (I started on Monday), I woke up with a fever (100.2):

M1: Sweet Potato Sausage Hash with two eggs over easy. (could not eat all of it so I broke some fruit along with me to work in case I needed fuel before lunch)

M2: Ginger Sesame "Coodle" Pot  it's a great recipe for work lunch and I swapped tamari for double the amount in coconut aminos(http://goop.com/recipes/ginger-sesame-chicken-noodle-pot/) - I didn't finish but felt satisfied saved the other half for lunch tomorrow

I left work early and went home thank goodness my boss was out for Rosh Hashanah

M3: Whole Foods Potato Latkes (another good thing about it being Rosh Hashanah) and a small cup of WF Mama's Chicken Soup


*I drank peppermint tea and water with mint and lemon all day.




Woke up with a sore throat ugh.

M1: Sweet Potato Hash and two eggs (this time I ate 3/4 of it).

Midday- pilates reformer class which didn't take too much out of me. 

M2: The Soup from yesterday, which is sooo spicy it felt like it killed the virus in my throat!. Along with some plantains.

left work early again 

M3: TJ's Chicken chili lime burger with compliant homemade hot sauce and roasted butternut squash.


More peppermint tea and water with mint and lemon.


Today I woke up feeling like a rockstar!



Wednesday (Today);

M1: Ate my entire breakfast of what I've been having all week.

M2: Carrot Noodle Soup with a side of plantains.


I am on my way to yoga, in my practice my previous meal is set for 2 hours before I go. I cannot bind/ do jump backs/jump throughs/ inversions well with any food in my stomach it is the traditional method.


My M3 will be the same as last night with a cup of tea. 



I know it's probably not recommended to start when sick, but since my only successful Whole30s have started that way (hopefully not in the future). I do feel like it must get easier every time. My second was better than my first and this one I'm not through day3 but I feel good/optimistic. My major struggle with Whole30 is I start having a lot of pizza dreams.

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Yoga felt great after two days off (usually I take one not consecutive days). M3 last night would up being Shrimp in a clarified butter/lemon juice sauce with roasted cauliflower and lots of crushed red pepper on top. Was surprised by my junk food eating bf who also had been picking all evening at "weirdly delicious" Whole30 food I prepped. 


Day 4: 

I slept well but it was tough getting up this morning perhaps because of the seasons changing. I went to MySore and felt better once on my mat. (my practice was about 75 minutes this morning).


M1: cup of tea, sweet potato hash with two poached eggs.


I got to the office it was like walking into a chocolate factory. I happen to be incredibly stressed out because I am awaiting news (hopefully good) and I was very very tempted. I had some tea.


M2: Carrot Noodle Soup which gave me a soup belly so I feel nice and full. I am still incredibly stressed so I'm trying to distract myself in many ways.




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Last night I got home early. Decided to be productive and roast (in a couple ways) a ton of veggies and potatoes.


M3:For dinner I had Chicken Chili Lime burger and a cup of roasted sweet potatoes with paprika & garlic and a cup of carrots roasted with white balsamic and parsley.


I stayed up late watching football and was woken up several times in the night this morning I hit my snooze button 7 times. 


Day 5:


I went to my practice and I was dragging in the initial surya namaskaras but then I felt like myself. All week I've been struggling with my balance and today I felt more grounded.


M1: I worked hard and had a large breakfast egg white omelette with roasted zucchini, onions & peppers. Topped with bacon and a good slice of avocado. I had some roasted potatoes on the side. I love large breakfasts.

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I was starving between meals. Not sure why I had a very large breakfast and my gap between breakfast and lunch was the same amount of time (four hours). I was walking from a meeting back to my office tempted to just grab something to eat. I made it back and had my lunch I brought it took a lot to avoid temptation.


M2: Grilled Chicken over spinach with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette and a cup of leftover roasted sweet potatoes and carrots.


Tonight I'm arranged to do girls night at a brand new restaurant, I'm really excited about going. The owners have another restaurant and on the menu they list where every ingredient is sourced (most locally) from. Looking at the menu I have plenty of choices, I read an article saying that a few of their meats are cooked in coconut oil! I also know the chef. I love that I'm lucky to have a good selection of eating out on whole 30. My mocktail will be mint leaves muddled with Pellegrino and lemons and orange slices!

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The dinner went well. I order one of their signature dishes. Chicken marinated in lemongrass and ginger, cooked in coconut oil. With baby potatos, greens and a leek/leek oil puree. Most things on the menu are very compliant! I might visit again!



Yoga rest day thank goodness because I was aching went to Bar Method.


M1: 3 poached eggs and spinach and onions sauteed in garlic and EVOO.


M2: Football day I made wings  with a salad on the side.


M3: WF takeout: Salad with oranges and raw cashews with a carrot ginger dressing and 3 latkes.


I did not feel like I was starving between meals.


Day 7 (today):

I woke up at 6am with so much energy. I practiced and felt great then waited for Trader Joe's to open haha. It actually is the best first thing in the morning, where there is good produce! 


M1: two cocottes with one egg asparagus pancetta and garlic.


M2: I prepared buffalo wings for today's football as well. Along with a carrot/pumpkin soup with pancetta which is perfect for today since it is slightly chilly. Recipe here: http://www.theironyou.com/2014/11/pumpkin-and-carrot-soup-with-crispy.html


I will prep for the week this afternoon and for dinner have an alcohol-less boeuf bourguignon at my parents :).

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Dinner was wonderful last night. 


I woke up at 2am and could not fall back asleep for hours! I am exhausted today.


M1: Two soft boiled eggs, roasted spinach & garlic, proscuitto.


M2: Waldorf -ish salad: apples, celery, walnuts, dried cranberries & grilled chicken with a dijon vinaigrette. Roasted Artichoke Hearts with a Horseradish Aioli - was super delicious my bf kept eating them as I was letting them cool! http://www.healthstartsinthekitchen.com/recipe/crispy-artichoke-hearts-horseradish-aioli/


I have yoga tonight but I am extremely emotionally & physically exhausted it will take a lot to get me on my mat!

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I did not wind up going to yoga Monday, I had no energy. I went home had a little leftover boeuf bourguignon.




Woke up and did my full series. 


M1: two egg omelette with spinach and proscuitto


M2: Same as yesterday.


M3: more leftovers from Sunday's dinner.


I keep falling asleep super early!


Day 9 (today):

I woke up earlier than my alarm and felt energized for today. I was told I was going to hear the news I've been stressed out about all last week this morning! If I don't or if it's not what I wanted; then I'm not gonna be a happy camper and probably be crying.


M1: Sauteed spinach and kale with proscuitto and two poached eggs.

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preWO: 1 small apple with 1TB of almond butter


Barry's Bootcamp - hit my highest tred sprint ever of 10.7. Felt like I was flying it was a good distraction from my anxiety/stress today(month). I felt like I had to sneeze for the second half of class - and I still feel that way!


poWO: three strips of grilled chicken


20mins later

M2: Salmon with Wasabi Ginger Seasame Oil sauce I made and about 4-5 stalks of celery, 1TB of raw unsalted cashews 1TB of dried cranberries. I feel stuffed.


After work I am going to my yoga studio to practice with my FAVORITEST teacher. Dinner is going to need to be fairly substantial for double WO- usually it's my smallest meal of the day, I like to eat a large breakfast a good size lunch and a small dinner because that's what my body craves. 

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