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Robin's Whole30 Log

Robin Strathdee

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My box, CrossFit Springfield, has just become a Whole9 Nutrition Partner! And, in celebration, we're launching our first Whole30 challenge. We're asking our participants to keep a food log for accountability and reflection. As one of the organizers, I thought it would only be appropriate to keep my own for our members to follow along with if they'd like. The challenge officially began today (4/29) but because of a family commitment I'm starting tomorrow.

I'd like to use this log to keep track of my meal plans for the week and our actual food intake. I'll also note anything my kids have that's off-plan so that our members can see that, too.

CFS Whole30ers: Welcome to the forum! I'm excited to follow your logs and for you to see what the Whole30 looks like in my house.

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Okay, I should change the title of this log to "Maybe I might get a chance to get on and write something down..."

The last two weeks have been Re-Fricking-Diculous at my house. The hubs has been putting in 60-80 hour weeks upgrading and implementing a new VoIP phone system at work, the longer days = less sleep for my children, and I've been helping out with the W30 at the box. Insanity, I tell you! So, I'll summarize:

Everyone, especially the newbies in the CFS challenge, is kicking butt this time around. My kiddos aren't exactly W30ing (I like to say they're paleo + popcorn), but they've been doing without any compromises, save their popcorn. We've been working to include more fresh fruits and veg as their school snacks and upping the veggie content of their lunches from one to two. I've also been letting them choose their breakfasts from the protein and anytime drawers (anytime = pre-portioned veggies and some fruit) which means that a) breakfast is easier for me and 2) they're more excited to eat it.

I didn't meal plan for week 2 because I was so busy I didn't care what we ate - it was definitely a clean out the fridge week. WEek 1's meal plan is here, though, thanks to Evernote. Seriously, I would die without it.



Berries and cream

Bacon, veg and eggs x4

Kids lunches-


Hot dogs


Celery and cb


Mom and dad lunches-

Tomato Basil soup

Chicken, strawberry and avocado salad


Dinners -

Hamburgers, broccoli and SP tater tots

Crockpot fried chicken, mashed sweets and green beans

Grilled chicken, broccoli slaw and salad

Flank/skirt steak and veg

Hot dogs and crunchy veg

Beef and Broccoli


Fruit and raw veg, ranch, fruit dip (for kiddos)

Spicy nuts

Deli meat

Extra bacon

HB eggs

This week, I'm going to try to do better about logging. Really, I swear. See, here's the meal plan already.


Apple Rings (pecan butter)

Eggs and Hashbrowns

Bacon wrapped SP Fries + Veg

Bacon, eggs, veg X3

Berries and cream


Tuna in a boat

Hot dogs



Leftovers or Ants on a log


Cashew Chicken and Veggie fried cauli rice (CP)

Burgers, raw veg

Thunderchicken, broccoli, grilled sp

Grilled Pork Chops and Apples, asparagus

Cauli Rice-A-Roni meatballs, green beans, butternut squash

Beef and Broccoli, cabbage noodles, cauli rice

Hot dogs, raw veg

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