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preparing to face some difficult times = perfect time for a whole 30!


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I posted this in "Your Whole30 Log" section as the beginning of my food log as well, but wanted to way hello and recommit to my whole30 here as well.

so today is DAY ONE of my umteenth attempt at a whole30. The first one I did at the beginning of the summer was a really cool experience... I had all sorts of mistakes, bumps and misunderstandings, but stuck with it for the most part. I was able to reap enough benefits to know that there really is something awesomely positive and powerful about eating really good real food!

for the next couple months I trudged along eating well most of the time but then would have intermittent screeching halts going completely off road with screw-it attitudes that looked something like this: "well, at least I'm doing better than I was 6 mths ago, life is getting hard and a twix bar (or fill-in-the-blank noncompliant food item) will surely make me feel better," or some such nonsense... and of course I'd pay for it with stomach aches, headaches, inflammation etc.

meanwhile... my parents (especially my dad), who live in the same town as me, both 78, are dealing with some major health issues. my mom is on week 9 (!!!) of shingles, and this week my dad was diagnosed with early stage alzheimer's. my siblings & I have been made more aware of my dad's condition due to my mom's increasing inability to compensate for him because of her own health deficiencies.

I've been doing my best to help my mom get some good nutrition to get stronger and as of a couple days ago she is beginning to feel a LITTLE better though she's still in an enormous amount of pain. My dad's deal is more of a long term journey.

It may seem nutty to some, but honestly NOW feels like the perfect time to do a whole30. My family and I have a marathon ahead of us and it just feels intuitively like I need to be taking good care of myself right now in order to be strong physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that I can better deal with the difficult road ahead.

I'm so grateful to have the whole30 as a tool in my wellness toolbox.

Hell, I'm so grateful that I even drank my coffee black today! ;)


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You are so right! Stressful times are the perfect times for a W30. I had a friend tell me that she couldn't do paleo because she was a stress-eater. I tried to tell her that paleo helps you deal with stress. I am so much more even-keeled eating this way. When I'm stressed I don't think of food these days, I tend to think more of exercise.

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