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Mom and Teenage Daughter - 1st W30 - Start 14 Sept


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My teenage daughter and I started our first Whole 30 on Monday (14 September 2015).  


I eat mainly Primal (definitely Gluten Free), but the weight is still creeping up on me (do NOT tell me I'm "just getting older"!).  I took the embarrassing "Before" photo and was horrified!  My daughter has always been heavy, but high school means more sedentary study time.  She's also a very picky eater yet loves her snack food (cookies, chips, pizza) and definitely over-eats them when at a party!  Neither of us go to fast food joints, we're not juice or soda drinkers (she does once in a while).  I don't keep cookies, candy, or ice cream in the house.


I created a calendar to track along the "what to expect" days from the W30 book.  We're only on Day 5, but here's how we're doing so far:


Day 1: (Mom) Not such a big deal but because I'm the main cook and meal planner, I'm thinking "What Have I Done"?  (Teen):  WHAT HAVE I DONE?!


Day 2-3:  (Mom) still not a big deal, no Hangover, but starting to adjust my well-thought-out meal plan.  (Teen):  I'm so HUNGRY!


Day 4:  (Mom) not feeling the need to Kill anything, but don't know how I'm going to keep up with the cooking and meal prep for 26 more days.  (Nitrate free) bacon and apples for breakfast is going to get old (my teen doesn't like eggs...or nuts).  More adjustments to the meal plan...  (Teen):  giving it a good try, but no access to my usual snacks leaves me depressed and hungry.


Day 5:  (Mom)  A day early, but I JUST WANT TO NAP!  Lightbulb:  if I was eating so well before, then I shouldn't be this tired during the Whole30!  Duh!  (Teen) first I want to KILL something then I want to NAP on it!  (admittedly, she stays up late studying, and has a job and activities, too!)


So that's our journey, so far!  If you're a mom or a teenager (especially a picky one), we'd love to hear from you - tell us what's worked, what hasn't, and how you deal with school when you're dead tired or deal with parties when you can't eat junk!




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Hi, Everyone!


Day 9 now - I can't believe we've made it this far!  Friday night (Day 6) was really rough for my teen (CB) - she is in marching band, and was completely fixated on the fact that she couldn't have the cookie that they hand out after the half-time show.  It was the anxiety of the impending social event challenge that did it - but once she was there, she was perfectly fine!  ...hungry when she came home at 10 p.m., but I had some bacon and a banana waiting for her, so she was all good :-)  I'm really proud of her!


She said to me the other day:  it's so hard to do this during school!  She's right - I was working till a month ago (and I'm blissfully home with my family now), and work takes up so much mind space that W30 would not have been possible for me.  Hats off to the other parents out there who are working full time and doing W30!


My girl and I have been pretty hungry at times, as we try to figure out what to eat, unfortunately.  I have been trying to find new foods for us (homemade scallops wrapped in bacon are easy, and I cooked up some chicken so it's a go-to meat ready in the fridge.).  Been sampling things in the W30 book, but I have to say - I love Sarah Fragoso's Kids Love Cabbage Slaw recipe more than the W30 one (sorry!) - but how can you go wrong with mangoes?


BTW - now that Mark Sisson has come out with Primal Mayo, we don't have to make our own, so I hopped on over to Thrive Market (.com) and stocked up - makes tuna and chicken salad much easier!  I wrap the salad in endive (thanks, W30 for the idea with your Mexican Tuna Boats!) - CB brings a container of tuna salad and some endive leaves to school - easy lunch!.


Another creative lunch:  half a slice of deli meat (no nitrates!) with thinly sliced veggies and compliant mustard - YUM.


Physically, now that the NAP days are over, I'm doing okay.  My clothes have not felt tighter, but I have been feeling a little bloated.  CB has been nauseous at the thought of food for the past few days - I wonder if that's normal.  Probably.  Let me know if you've done this before and have felt repulsed by food.


I have a golf tournament on Thursday (Day 11, which is one of the "hardest days") - yes, I'm nervous about my energy and attitude, even though I'll pack food and my order of Rx bars came today (can't wait to try them!).  It will be a bummer to not get a hot dog at the Turn, but I've been ditching the bun for years, so if I bring another meat I should be okay...I'll let you know now it goes!


I wish everyone lots of success and support through their Whole30 and beyond!



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Sounds like you both are doing really well! I'm currently doing a whole 100 and completed a whole 60 like a year ago. I didn't necessarily every feel repulsed by food but definitely has less hungry and very hungry days and has a period of being totally bored of the foods I was eating! I'm hoping to switch it up more with recipies this time around (but I work, intern, and am in grad school so may not be totally realistic!)

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Thanks for the support, JenJen1986!  We broke down and purchased some RxBars - that saved my girl's life - she's so on-the-go, too, that she needed a grab & go that really meant "grab", not "sit down and eat a packed snack"! 


Question:  why a Whole100?  After doing a Whole60, aren't you...simply eating a Whole diet?  :-)  It sounds to me like you live with a baseline (= Whole30), and maybe there are some foods you've reintroduced that are "safe" for you (i.e. dairy, perhaps).  If you're content with that diet, then getting out of the "30/60/100" mode removes some of the stress (i.e. right now we're still too nervous to eat at a restaurant, and going to parties are not a fun thing to do, even if we should "be able to plan, and focus on the friendships".).  What do you think?




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HI, Everyone


Day 18 and...no Tiger Blood!  Both CB and I are sick - first time I've been sick in about 5 years.  Bad cold started as a sore throat.  Either this is a particularly strong and contagious strain, or there's something about Whole30 that's made me more susceptible?  That seems odd, but these are the only 2 options I can think of. Has anyone else been more vulnerable to catching bugs during Whole30?




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