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Day 11, I want to exercise but I can't get myself to do it!

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I'm so grateful for the Whole30, and thank you MeadowLily for the inspiration to start when I did! It's making such a huge difference already!!


I really want to start exercising regularly again. A few years ago, I did Barre workout DVDs at home (Physique 57 and Bar Method) and I saw great results with my posture, I noticed my muscles were strong and lean, and I just felt more confident. I haven't exercised in about a year. I'm going through an emotionally tough time, but I want to move past it and start building up my strength again...


My problem is I usually feel too tired to exercise. I also think it could just be laziness!


Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can get going with it?


Thanks so much!!


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Or...it could be stress.   I believe we have to find exercise that we each enjoy and do it on our own terms.  Is it sustainable well beyond 30, 300 or 30,000 days.    If it's something you dread, it won't last.  I can't tell you the number of gym memberships I've thrown down the toity.  I'm not cut out for cookie cutter exercise classes....I end up like the Afflac duck on the yoga mat.   I'm a duck out of water.


So I hike, swim and have been lifting free weights.  It's enough.  Anything more  exotic than that and I won't keep it up.  I'm moving at a speed above couch mode and that's what's important to me.  Find something you enjoy.  Take a walk and blow the carbon out of your engine.  When you're going through a rough time, you don't have to pile on more stress.


There's something about walking that builds its own momentum.  Momentum is everything.   Meal by meal and mile by mile...that smile will come back to your face.



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Just go for a walk. Get out the door. Set your destination to a park or somewhere enjoyable. Have a plan to notice the leaves, trees, what's in bloom, etc. Once you get warmed up, if you feel like it, throw in a short burst of running. Walk some more. Repeat.


Think of this as your reward -- time to enjoy the outdoors and escape.

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