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What did you put on the grilled chicken? It is so good!


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Hi guys! I'm on day 9 now, but on Saturday I was on day 7 and very close to blowing it!!!! ... My family and I went a friend's gathering... beautiful day, catching up with old friends, kids having a blast.  On the way there, I announce to my husband that I'm sticking to Whole30.. I'm going to be able to make it through this one social event! Huge spread of munchies.. some good, some bad... when I did find myself near the table I chomped on fresh carrots and celery.  Seltzer water in a wine glass.  All is good.  Then the grill fired up and out came some ribs, and hot dogs and chicken wings.  So no go on the ribs... I could only imagine the sugar on those puppies, and then I saw the brand of hot dogs, also... no go!  So the chicken (wings, breasts, drumsticks...)... they looked they were just garnished with some seasoning.  Great!... right?... WRONG!  ... So I put two chicken breasts on my plate, go to fill up my water-in-a-wine glass, and it hit me.  WOW... this Whole30 is no joke. I had read so much on previous forum posts about trusting you friends and the food they make, and gambling with ingredients... going back to day 1 for one lousy mistake would be devastating! 


I asked my friend... 'What did you put on the grilled chicken?  It is so good!'  ... Answer: soaked in marinade. 


That was too close for comfort.  I was able to transfer them to my kid's plate.  And that was the end of that. 


Came home and made a lovely Whole30 compliant dinner.  Ohhhh yeah!!!


Day 9 and going strong!


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