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Confused about vanilla flavoring


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I'm on day 15 of the Whole30. Things are going well! I am trying to avoid caffeine (coffee) since that is something I relied on heavily before, but I find that I like to have something else to sip on at work sometimes that's warm. I have some TAZO teas that are good, but I came across another tea at Whole Foods yesterday and I'm not sure if some of these ingredients are compliant.


It's The Republic of Tea - Peppermint Chocolate.(http://www.republicoftea.com/peppermint-chocolate-red-tea/p/v09993/)


Ingredients: Rooibos, carob, cocoa kernels, peppermint leaves, sweet blackberry leaves, natural mint flavors, natural chocolate flavors, and natural vanilla flavors.


It seems to me that they are all okay, as long as I'm not drinking it to satisfy a sweet tooth. The vanilla flavoring is what really throws me off. I just want to confirm before I brewed some up this afternoon! :D

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