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Day 13

ms mcfabulous

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I have to say, I am so glad the WHOLE30 book outlines what I may be feeling on a day to day basis.  Today, Day 13, I have really been on track.  BUT, I was so hoping I would skip that bloating, pants to tight phase.  NOPE, today it that day.  I read that section of the book again, and I'm much less panicky than I was when I woke up. 


I've also started the dreams.  I was sleeping so well in the first 10 days...then WHAM...oddly vivid dreams are creeping into my sleep...and wake me up.  Those can stop any day now.


My sugar dragon has quieted a bit.  Thank goodness for the forum, to be able to ask questions, because last week, I was ready to reach for that pint of ice cream...several tips by the moderator made that manageable.


All in all, I feel good at Day 13...even better, without any prompting from me, the hubs has started to pay more attention to what he eats. 


Life is great. 


Have a fantastic day!

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