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DH starts job in early AM; question on a "mini meal"


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DH has started a new job (yay!) and leaves for work at either 3:30am or 5:30am (boo! ;) ). He needs something to eat in the car on the way and "no eggs".  He also does not have an appetite in the morning.


Could I safely send him with a couple of meatballs or a ground meat patty and a bit of veg and then he can eat meal 1 at work during break. Leaving meal 2 and 3 to eat at home?


(Our Whole 30 starts October 1st! :D )



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I'd go ahead and pack up a full meal one for him (meatballs or ground meat patties, a full plate of vegetables, and some healthy fat), let him eat as much as he can before he leaves or in the car, and then he can finish it at work. Assuming he works an eight-hour day, I'd also go ahead and pack him a full lunch to eat.


When he gets used to eating within an hour of getting up in the morning, he'll probably find he's hungrier then and will eat more. And you don't want to send him off with too little food if he's going to have a whole day at work. If he doesn't eat the lunch (or only eats part of it) at work at first, he could bring it home, or leave it in the fridge at work for the next day if that's an option.


This article has a little explanation of why breakfast within an hour of waking is important, or It Starts With Food goes into it a little more if you have a copy of it. There are also plenty of past discussions on good breakfast on the go items -- google Whole30 breakfast to go to find them, if you want more ideas.

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