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3 weeks in; so far, so good


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I'm late checking into the forum, so I'm already 3 weeks into the program and feeling amazing. I already knew that I do much better without gluten (which inflame the arthritis in my knees, among other things) and, since I discovered about 5 years ago that I'm lactose intolerant, I didn't find getting into the program all that hard, since I'm used to cooking gluten and lactose free.


But I've been pleasantly surprised by other ways that I'm feeling better:


-- Much MUCH less stiffness. Even after a 2 mile walk with my dog in the morning, it was hard bending over to pick up the newspaper. Not a problem anymore.


-- Like many folks on the board, I've had a lot of trouble fighting a monolithic sweet tooth, so I was worried consuming fruit would lead to binges. Hasn't really been a problem, which delights me, because being allowed fruit makes this a much easier-to-stick-to program compared to Atkins or strict paleo.


-- Another big problem over the years is that the hormone (whatever it is!) that regulates fullness never seemed to work in me. I'd end up overeating because I never felt full -- and was hungry as soon as 60 minutes after a meal even if it was a low carb, high fat meal. But twice today I pushed away the plate before it was empty. I'm so THRILLED to say "I'm full" after eating a NORMAL, moderate amount of food! So that's a delightful surprise I wasn't expecting. Not sure what's going on except maybe hormone levels and perhaps gut health has improved.


-- My mood is UP along with my energy levels. Sometimes feeling euphorically happy. Was dancing while making lunch today... which freaked out my dogs, but that was fun, too.


Either way, I'm thrilled at how much I'm enjoying this. Haven't a clue whether I've lost weight (although I suspect I have) but I don't care. I'm a woman in my late 50s, so I don't expect dramatic weightloss. Feeling this good is WORTH it, regardless of what the scale says next week.


Thank you, Hartwigs and Whole30!



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