Day 2: My Olive Oil is Gross


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It's compliant, just a lot of people don't like it. It may be how fresh it is, or how it's stored.


Also, for those trying avocado oil for the first time, if your oil is green your mayo may be green too. One of my local brands is bright green and makes an almost Halloween coloured mayo ;)

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I have found that Trader Joe's olive oil is pretty good, but it is not specifically labeled as "light". I have found when I look at the bottle the lighter colored the oil the lighter it will be in taste. Like many folks I tried the EVO first and have to throw it out. I mistakenly thought it would be found since I absolutely LOVE EVO, but yuck yuck yuck... I just could not get past the taste. I've always wanted to try the Avocado oil but it's so expensive at WF. I don't have a Cosco membership but I do have a BJ's one. Will check that out. Again, I've found luck with the Trader Joe's brand. good luck all

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I have used most of the mentioned Extra-Light OO brands in this thread and have never had bad tasting mayo.  My recipe, that I've been making for a while now, is different than in Well Fed though.  One other word of caution regarding the avocado oil from Costco - its not consistent in flavor or color.  I used to buy and use that all the time for mayo as well, but the last bottle I bought was more of a virgin taste/oil than a neutral light one that I was used to, and resulted in a horrible tasting mayo - it was the only ingredient I had changed at that time.  Also, make sure you are using very fresh eggs!


My recipe as follows:


3/4 Cup Extra Light Olive Oil

1 extra large egg

1-1.5 TBS raw apple cider vinegar (depending how tangy you like your mayo)

1 tsp dry mustard powder

1/2 tsp sea salt


Throw everything into an immersion cup or tall jar, insert immersion/stick blender all the way to the bottom of cup/jar, and blend for 30secs without moving, then slowly start moving the blender up and down for an additional 30secs until all oil has been blended  :)


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I've tried both the bertoli light olive oil and a virgin avocado oil, I really enjoyed both, but particularly the bertoli.  I also saw the goya extra light in my shopper's store, and will probably try that soon too.


I REALLY love making fresh mayo, and if you are NOT using a stick blender... get one. They cost next to nothing on amazon, and it's like MAGIC how fast it makes the mayo. I called my sweetie in to watch when I made it this time... I was all like "ready??? it's like MAGIC!".  Yeah..... well, I was humored with a patiently pleasant expression saying "you're crazy but ok, I'm watching you make mayo. oooh ahhh."


Oh well. maybe it's not magic for everyone... but I didn't care. I thought it was COOL ... and so easy! I will NEVER eat non-homemade mayo again, when I know I can have it so easily and simply with just a few ingredients and 3 minutes of my time and effort. 

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