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I almost want to quit my Whole30...need some encouragement

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I feel like I want to give up on my Whole30.


I'm on Day 15 and I feel totally overwhelmed:

I have a miserable cold, my divorce court day is coming up on Tuesday and I found out that I have to wait in a hallway until my name is called and my ex is going to be waiting in the same hallway. We have had absolutely no contact since May! I'm freaking out...


I don't even know if I'm doing this right because I'm so darn hungry all day. I keep thinking about chocolate and all kinds of sugary carby things that I can devour.


I've noticed that even when I eat 3 eggs with avocado and lots of veggies in the morning, I feel hungry about an hour later, and then I'm almost ravenous about 2 hours later. I've had to snack, especially at work when my day is hectic and I have a small window of time to eat before my next rush of clients (I work at a spa doing facials and I often have back to back clients with not enough of a break)


Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by my current circumstance? I know it will get better, but it's so challenging right now.


Any advice on how to stay fuller longer? Maybe I need to reread the Whole30 book to refresh what I've learned.


I am so discouraged right now...I really want to feel good and be healthy and honestly, I don't want to give up.

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Blissful,  are you eating any meat or fish?  Eggs are never alone on my plate without fish or meat in the mornings. Never.  You need more dietary fats and I don't mean nuts.   So what other proteins are you eating?  These are the building blocks of courage and bravery.  


Before Tuesday,  you need steaks, roast beef, fish of every kind and some bacon, too.  So many women eat eggs every day standing alone on their plate.  I would be bored out of my head using eggs only within a couple of days.  I usually eat alot of fish every day with beef, bison, wild game, and some fowl and all of those things at breakfast with eggs and roasted vege.  


So concentrate on some serious quality protein and you don't need to quit before Tuesday.  Falling back into bowls of pasta, bread, pizza and sweets....stirring up the Sugar Carb Dragon is not going to help you face any other kind of dragon.   In your situation here,  a little hair of the dog that already bit you before you started will ruin everything.


Keep going and you need to mix it all up starting tonight.   Go somewhere for a steak and salad, baked potato.  Call up a friend.   Eat nothing but copious amounts of super foods before Tuesday.  Too bad I'm not there to go with you but I'll be with you in spirit. 


Now is not the time to tiddlywink it or 'poor boy' it.   You need to push on through to the other side.

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Stress will definitely will add to your cravings for sugar..... protein and fat will be the win every single time.  Also make sure include a fist sized starchy veg at least once a day.


As for waiting in the same hallway before your court day - can you at least be civil to him?  Meaning if he chooses to acknowledge him - you acknowledge him back.  He is a person you once shared a life with.  Without knowing the details of your situation - just accept him as he is today, and just don't fight.  It's not worth it.  If he says something that bothers you - simply say "you know what - you're right" or "I don't want to talk about it anymore" - find strategies to end conversation, or keep it limited.  It's just a thought......

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great ideas. Maybe I'm not eating enough protein.

Thanks for the encouragement!



Thanks for the suggestions...it was a painful and abrupt breakup, and we haven't communicated at all since May.

I just have to be strong, courageous, and at peace within. Thankfully, my dad will be there with me. My dad is awesome :)


I just realized that I usually want to give up when things get challenging, so maybe this is an opportunity for me to be strong and keep going with my Whole30!


Thanks again :)

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Agree with all of the above! Eat more & make it the best quality you can afford. This is the time to indulge yourself with that high quality steak, rich coconut cream, your favorite vegs. No point in being hungry.... the point is to bring your best aura of health to the game. 


We're ALL rooting for you!

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MeadowLily, thank you for checking in...you are so awesome!!


I've been doing as much as possible with this cold. Thank goodness I feel much better today.

I've had the Moroccan lamb meatballs from Well Fed (amazing!!), a burger, bacon...adding more protein to my breakfasts.


Next week I'm going to this amazing place called Delicious Orchards and they have such high quality meats and veggies. I can't wait to stock up and get in the kitchen more!


I'm feeling better physically and mentally. I had a sort of epiphany today about the divorce. I feel empowered rather than depressed about it.


Thank you again for checking in. It was so amazing of you to do that!!

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Thanks :)

Yes but I keep remembering what you first said: "this will give you courage to face the day"

And honestly, it's giving me courage almost every day. I can see how people say the Whole30 is life changing!

I peeked out at the moon a couple of times and it looked pretty cool! Looked like little rainbow prisms were reflecting from it. And later it was a dark red. Very cool!

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Hi Blissfulnewme....


I just started reading your post today.  I wish you all the best....remember the song"  I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR" and "I WILL SURVIVE"? 


You will be fine...and like you said...the WHOLE 30 is life changing in more ways than one.  If anything I found (besides the clean eating, weight loss) it keeps me focused.  I have never been this focused in forever. 


Sending GOOD VIBES your way and may you go from strength to strength.  Seize the Day....the day is all about you now. ;)

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