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I almost want to quit my Whole30...need some encouragement

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Thank you so much!!


Everything went smoothly today, but it turns out they have to draft an agreement and I have to go back on October 20th, and the divorce will be final that day...



I'm so grateful I started the Whole30 when I did (21 days ago!) because I would have totally been eating all kinds of chocolates and sweets and I would have been a mess today. But I feel pretty good. And I feel more prepared for the actual divorce day.


Thank you guys for the support!

I had such a great breakfast this morning and I actually feel empowered to keep my Whole30 going!

So grateful <3

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Thank you so much Susan and Mistyfire :)

It was a rough couple of days, but I feel clear-minded today. I really think I would have been a mess if I was still eating the way I was before.


I'm grateful for this forum! You guys have been such an important part of my journey! Today is Day 23 and I would have felt lost and possibly even quit if you guys weren't there!! So thank you <3

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Hey guys!


So I made it to Day 30 of my Whole30! While I'm proud of myself, it doesn't feel right to celebrate completely because I had a few mishaps along the way.

I had a cold, which might have been a virus because it lasted for 2 weeks and even today, I still don't feel completely recovered. I still feel slightly congested and pretty tired.


I realized there were things I consumed that were not compliant: some supplements I took for the cold had soy lecithin. I don't know why, but I didn't read the label for this and also for some other things including some Applegate products which had added sugar.

I also had Fire Cider, which has honey in it, but I was feeling miserable and thought it would help me feel better. I also had a green drink which had stevia!


I'm counting this as a practice round. I've learned so much and I feel more prepared to do it more successfully next time.


My victories are:

I didn't have any of the things I was addicted to, including chocolate, Udi's gluten free bread with butter and honey at night and usually 2 pieces with breakfast, Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter packets (which I was having sometimes 3 or 4 packets a day!!)


My pants are looser. My skin looks better! My face is less puffy-looking. I feel more balanced in general, even with the emotional stuff I'm going through!


Moving forward, I'm going to do more meal prep, try new recipes, and make larger batches that I can freeze and have ready.

I know I need to read every label! I was lazy with that this time, but I know better now!


I'm very grateful for this community and I'm very grateful that I went for it and I feel like there's no turning back now! I just want to keep up with it and do better and experience wonderful vibrant health!


Thanks so much :)


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