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Eating enough?? Feeling hungry after breakfast


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I am eating more now and was fine for a few days but now am feeling hungry after breakfast and sometimes after M3. 


 M1: eggs baked with vegetable (minimum 3eggs in portion) additional vegetable and ghee, bone broth

M2: coleslaw, olives, pear, closed hand of cashews, cooked shrimp, olive oil

M3: beef or pork, mixed vegetable, green beens and ghee


This menu is basically what I have been eating, because I have the shrimp have been using that as protein, otherwise was using beef or tinned salmon (the WHOLE flippin' tin!) will go back to salmon when the shrimp is gone. Or have some sardines


I drink broth during the day, and water, one coffee with coconut oil per day (sometimes don't get the coconut oil if we are out)


I am certainly eating more than I ever have in my life at one sitting, not snacking, and only doing limited exercise at the moment.


Thanks for anticipated help.


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If you are hungry then you need to eat more. It really is that simple.


More protein, more fat and more vegetables should do the trick. I find shrimp is pretty light, so if this hunger is new, I might be due to that protein choice.

Oh, dear. Okay will add more and see what happens. Thanks.

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