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"Stacking" reintros?

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Would the following scenario be approved for a reintro protocol?


Day 1

Reintro dairy


Day 2

Eat W30 style


Day 3

Eat W30 style

Assess that dairy has caused no troubling symptoms


Day 4

Reintro gluten in the form of some pizza with cheese, since dairy caused no troubling symptoms


...and so forth.


I do not intend to do this IF dairy ends up causing troubling symptoms.


Let's just be honest... I really miss pizza. :) 

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The reason it is important not to reintroduce dairy during your next reintroduction is that symptoms can be dose dependent. You might be able to eat a serving of dairy at three meals one day, but you could develop problems if you ate dairy three times per day for 3 days in a row. OR, you might be okay as long as you ate dairy only by itself, but if you combine it with gluten, you might get a reaction that you would not if you were only eating gluten. The issue of gluten combined with dairy might tip the balance. So to get good basic information, it is important to reintroduce things separately.

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