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Digestion and skin issues in last week of Whole 30 - HELP?


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So I'm on day 28 of my first Whole 30. Although I've lost some bloating, I continue to have 'unhealthy' BMs, am tired, bags/dark circles have returned and I've started breaking out on my face!?!? I thought that this eating plan was suppose to help with these things, not make them worse! Anyone else experiencing/experienced this? Help?!?


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For most people, it does help -- although some people do take longer than 30 days to get the full effect, especially if they have underlying health problems already. There's also the possibility that you have a sensitivity to a food that is allowed on the Whole30. For instance, if you've been eating a lot of nuts, that could affect your digestive system and your skin negatively. Some people also find that they're a little sensitive to eggs, so if you've increased your consumption of them on Whole30, that's a possibility.


Could you give us a couple of days' worth of food (including approximate portion sizes based on the meal template), water intake, exercise, and sleep? Maybe something will stand out that you could change to get better results.

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I have been searching the site for answers to this problem too. I have red blotches and sores on my face, it is dry and scaly in places and I never have skin problems. I was wondering if it was radishes but then it has continued with no radishes in sight for a week at least. I am eating many more eggs daily so it could possibly be that. 


M1 ususally 3-4 eggs scrambled with veg and ghee   OR  large portion of baked egg and veg with extra veg and ghee (there would be at least 4 eggs in the baked eggs)


M2: either: mixed cabbage slaw with celery, parsley, kale, olive oil, dill pickles (or olives) pear, and olive oil  and grilled beef or salmon or pork  OR grilled beef/pork and cooked veg with ghee


M3 mixed veg with ghee or repeat of M2 


Have on coffee with coconut oil 6 of 7 days, the other day just plain coffee  Could drink more water but am working on that. Do have bone broth at least once a day.



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Without a list of vegetables, it's hard to identify anything.


Some fruits & vegetables people can be allergic to which can be surprising:



Banana & avocado = latex

Specific nuts: cashews, almonds (or all nuts). Hazelnuts do not have all of the enzymes in other nuts

Pear, apple, garlic, onion, cabbage = FODMAPs (there's many other ones in this grouping)

Chilli, peppers, eggplant, white potato, goji "berries" (not a berry) = Nightshades

Pineapple & kiwi fruit


I would try cutting out eggs first. Some people are allergic only to whites or yolks, some are only allergic to some eggs (grain fed), not others.

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