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Back at it again! Post W100 with a small break now Whole30-60!


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OMG Britt... I totally missed this thread! I was just following the other one! I hope you didn't think my lack of comment was a comment on your decision!


I am happy that you are going to stay on the boards because I enjoy hanging out with both you and Donna and sharing encouragement and the occasional lame joke.  ;)


I saw a Periscope (streaming video) with Melissa Hartwig yesterday (really good... she talked about being a recovering addict), but anyway someone introduced themselves as being on a Whole360 and she said, "You know we want you to offroad, don't you?" So the Hartwigs definitely want people to figure out what works for them.


Don't feel guilty about your decision... It's your life and you've kicked Whole30's ass already!

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