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Day 11

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I am on Day 11 of my Whole 30. This is going to mostly be a "vent" post I think. 


I am definitely in the "hardest days." I don't mind eating the foods and cooking at home, I don't mind be choosy at the restaurant. I am not bored with food. I am kind of a Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday, girl so I can eat the same  thing over and over. 


But my problem, is I hate thinking about food. To me, thinking about food is when I see something I can't eat, I hate thinking about how if I ate that I am an absolute and total failure. I am starting to feel like I have a worse relationship with food because I am thinking to myself about how if I have a starburst, I am a horrible person. 


Like I totally can see where I was snacking too much and not eating right before. But before, I didn't actually tie my self worth with what I was eating. 


So I think that is really frustrating. How do I change that attitude? 


I am hoping to make it through this weekend and get to Day 15. Having less days left then I have done, is a big thing for me. 

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Start with taking a few deep breaths.  :) 

Where it's day 11 for you, note that you're at the time if people are going to quit a Whole30, they do so around this time.

May I suggest some alternative perspectives for you to take on for the rest of your Whole30?
- instead of using words like "food you can't eat," use words like "food that you're choosing not to eat for a certain period of time"

- let go of putting a moral value on food. What you eat or don't eat says zero about you as a human being.  

- an exercise I particularly like about noticing your value is the "three good things" exercise.   Every night, you review your day and write down three things that went well. For each item you write, you also identify and write down what you did or what it is about you that made that thing possible.  Ideally, you do this for 66 days, to create a habit of generating positive energy into your life.  Consider if this process would be helpful to you at this time.


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Remember, you are doing this challenge because you promised yourself you were worth at least 30 days of the most nutritious, nourishing food. You are worth it. You are worth finding out what foods hurt you and what works best for you.


Everything else is just distractions from that truth.

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